Police demand Interpol assistance due to threats made to Dritan Abazović

R.Š., from Rožaje, is suspected of threatening Mr Dritan Abazović, and since he doesn’t live in Montenegro, police have demanded Interpol assistance.

Threatening message addressed to Mr Abazović says that “he will be slaughtered”.

“A social media profile has made threats to leader of URA political party. The police has identified R.Š (69) from Rožaje”, Police have said.

This information has been forwarded to the Sector for combating organized crime and corruption and the Group for the combating high-tech crime.

“According to a close relative of R.Š., he doesn’t live in Montenegro but in Sweden. A request has been submitted to Swedish Interpol through Department for international operational police cooperation”, Police say.

Mr Abazović has stated that he is not feeling endangered.

“Police department is taking all the necessary security measures to protect Mr Abazović”, Police have stated.

The suspect has said to Mr Abazović that he will be slaughtered if he continues to cooperate and negotiate with “chetniks”.

Mr Abazović has said earlier on Face TV that many letters he has received are positive, while some of them are ordered.

Journalist asked him about the most dangerous of those who have threatened him.

“The most dangerous are the two clans, our greatest brand – “kavački” and “škaljarski” clan”. It’s important that people understand that criminal structures function much better than political structures”, Mr Abazović said and declined to tell the name of the person who threatened him.

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