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Karen Rebels Claim Victories Over Myanmar Junta Forces

The Karen National Liberation Army and resistance allies in Karen State. / Cobra Column

Karen rebels claimed that Myanmar’s junta forces suffered heavy losses in Myawaddy Township, Karen State, since Sunday.

At least six regime soldiers were killed and around 14 others, including officers, were injured, said the Cobra Column of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the armed wing of the country’s oldest ethnic revolutionary group, the Karen National Union (KNU).

On Monday evening, four hours of fighting broke out in Myawaddy Township when the KNLA and allied resistance forces attacked troops attempting to occupy Thay Baw Boe village.

Resistance forces also used drones to attack regime troops.

Other junta units fired 120mm shells in support although the Karen groups suffered no casualties and regime forces retreated, said the Cobra Column.

After the fighting, ammunition and equipment, including a military map, were left behind by the retreating soldiers.

Four junta troops, including an officer, were killed and 10 others injured, said the Cobra Column.

The rebel group said many more soldiers are believed to have been killed or injured in the fighting.

On Monday, a Cobra Column ambush killed a junta soldier at a regime camp near Lay Kay Kaw town in the township. There were no resistance casualties reported although junta forces responded with shells and firearms.

On Sunday, a clash broke out with junta Battalions 207 and 102 attempting to occupy Luu Khoe Nyaung Chaung on the Myawaddy-Wal Lay highway.

Regime forces shelled the area the whole day before retreating, according to the Cobra Column.

At least one soldier was killed and four others, including an officer, were injured while there were no resistance casualties, the rebel group said.

Clashes continued in the area on Tuesday after months of fighting.

The KNU reported around 6,947 clashes with regime forces in its territory in which an estimated 5,854 junta soldiers and allied border militias were killed and 4,748 injured since the military coup last year.