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Let life triumph over death: Protect life and the environment - auxiliary bishop

Auxiliary bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi appealed for the protection of life and the environment in an homily on Thursday on the occasion of Our Lady of Victory, being celebrated on Friday.

On September 8, Malta commemorates the end of the Great Siege in 1565 and the end of the Siege during the Second World War when Italy surrendered. 

This day, for Maltese people, meant “the triumph of life over death”, the auxiliary bishop said.

“As we celebrate the feast this year, we should once again make a choice in favour of life, a choice that is the result of conviction and consistency, and which will continue guiding our decisions for the good of our country in many different areas.

“This choice in favour of life should stem from our conviction, not a choice made out of convenience when it suits us, and changed when it is no longer expedient, like a reed shaking in the wind.

“It should be a consistent choice that starts at the very beginning of life and continues till the end, and also at every moment in between,” he said.

Galea-Pace called for the protection of human life from conception as well as for the protection of those at sea seeking help.

The environment – one of the greatest sieges in our country

He described the environment as “one of the greatest sieges in our country”.

“There is the idea that more construction and greater height are an indication of progress. 

“However, a true victory will come about when we protect the environment, not when we destroy it. Future generations will be even more upset and will demand responsibility from those who destroyed nature because of avarice,” Galea-Curmi said.

Turning once again to the protection of life, he spoke against the relaxation of drug laws saying life was “a clear message that drugs are harmful, and not a healthy means of relaxation”.

Life was also protected by supporting those who are going through a difficult time, and may actually be thinking of ending their life.

“There are many vulnerable people for whom life seems too hard. Their cry for help is often silent. They need people who will help them discover the value of their life, and show care and concern for their mental well-being.

“It is important to keep in mind that the health of a society is measured by the progress of its weakest members.

“To those who are experiencing this difficult time: I strongly encourage you to seek help. There are many people willing to help.”Another way of protecting life was by safeguarding workers at their place of work, and taking all the necessary measures so that workers can set their mind at rest that their life is not in danger, and so that there will be no more victims of negligence and indifference, he said.

A true victory, Galea-Curmi said, will derive from a choice in favour of life, a choice that is the result of conviction and consistency.