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00:00 OASI foundation warns about dangers of underestimating cocaine, synthetics
00:00 Proposal to turn Marfa Palace to hotel set for decision
00:00 Watch: Guardiola looks to another Cup after Wigan upset
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00:00 Hand osteoarthritis drug found to be no better than placebo
00:00 HSBC Malta profits down 20% to €49.9m, shareholders to get €20m dividend
00:00 Karol Aquilina fails good governance test - Labour
00:00 HSBC Malta reports €49.8m profit in 2017, down 19.9% from 2016
00:00 Pipe-wielding aggressor leaves man seriously injured
00:00 Woman used to drug husband to have sex with other men – Maltese court
00:00 Scoring the underworld
00:00 Lego builds foundations in China classrooms as old markets slow
00:00 Two hurt, four arrested after Tarxien fight
00:00 Sliema council objects to demolition of Villa Degiorgio
00:00 €100m water infrastructure investment programme announced
00:00 Steward Health Care says it finalised PPP agreement to provide health care in Malta
00:00 Updated: Steward Health Care says it finalised PPP agreement to provide health care in Malta
00:00 Japan exports grow, manufacturers mood sours as yen rise clouds outlook
00:00 A free media – our only hope - Francis Zammit Dimech
00:00 Blockchain to end Middle Ages - Dennis Avorin
00:00 Steward Health Care announces VGH takeover
00:00 Announcements - February 20, 2018
00:00 Finance ministers choose Spain’s de Guindos for ECB vice-chair
00:00 Valletta’s glorious guardians - Kenneth Cauchi
00:00 Doom and gloom
00:00 Gearing up for rate hike, UK households turn gloomier on finances – survey
00:00 Stocks break recovery streak
00:00 Apple’s springs
00:00 National monuments
00:00 Money market report for the week ending February 16
00:00 Chelsea vs Barcelona - past meetings
00:00 Man. City quadruple dream over
00:00 Medicinal cannabis bill to go ahead – ‘from seed to patient’
00:00 Bus company fined €184,000 for delays in 2017
00:00 Discrimination accusations against bus company
00:00 Five things to watch at the Winter Olympics - February 20, Day 3
00:00 Aid sector must innovate to deliver value for money - officials
00:00 Watch: Farrugia nets his 8th goal for FC Chiasso
00:00 Surge in ultra-fast internet as SMS declines
00:00 Norway soar to victory in team event
00:00 Water Services Corporation to upgrade reverse osmosis plants, rely less on ground water
00:00 Canada, Germany in golden dead-heat
00:00 VGH remains concessionaire of health services in spite of Steward acquisition – Konrad Mizzi
00:00 Huge pension deficits are a global crisis in waiting
00:00 Watch: Micallef to defend FIA drag racing championship crown
00:00 More than 300 migrants intercepted off Libya - coastguard
00:00 Vodafone, Melita and GO all interested in more spectrum
00:00 [WATCH] Hijack film shot in Malta premieres in Berlin festival
00:00 Watch: LeBron's MVP performance guides team to All-Star win
00:00 As many as 22% women fear pregnancy
00:00 Carnival festivities come to an end
00:00 Eurozone ministers to choose Spaniard to for ECB as Ireland pulls out of race
00:00 17 killed as rubbish mound collapses in Mozambique
00:00 How drama is helping domestic violence victims
00:00 Trump backs effort to improve gun background checks - White House
00:00 Tap water to be same quality everywhere
00:00 Paqpaqli incident survivors take the stand in case against event organisers
00:00 Victim recounts moments he was hit by Porsche at Paqpaqli crash
00:00 Victim recounts moments he was hit by Porsche during Paqpaqli crash
00:00 MSE Equity Price Index halts 4-day positive streak
00:00 British football coach sentenced to 30 years
00:00 Latvia's banking sector rocked by central bank chief's detention
00:00 Top speakers to lecture on ADHD
00:00 Paqpaqli victims recount the horror as supercar span out of control
00:00 Three companies rewarded for green initiatives
00:00 KFC forced to close outlets after it runs out of chicken
00:00 Lorentzen storms to 500m gold
00:00 Australia would welcome UK interest in joining Pacific trade group - minister
00:00 [WATCH] Adrian Delia takes government to court over Vitals hospitals deal
00:00 [WATCH] Updated | Adrian Delia takes government to court over Vitals hospitals deal
00:00 French ice dancer suffers Olympics wardrobe malfunction on live tv
00:00 Watch: Delia presents court application to block VGH sale and rescind agreement
00:00 Six Maltese had rights breached over seized land, European court rules
00:00 Delia files legal challenge to strike down hospital contracts
00:00 Pilgrimage for Our Lady brings hundreds to Żabbar
00:00 Carnival results announced
00:00 Trump wants 'biased and insecure' Oprah Winfrey to run for president
00:00 Ultra-processed foods could raise cancer risk
00:00 Court sentence over loud music 'will not set a precedent'
00:00 Five admit shooting and stabbing orangutan in Borneo
00:00 Literature night with Trevor Zahra
00:00 Dying prisoner asked to wait another month for decision on release
00:00 David Casa testifies behind closed doors on FIAU report
00:00 Southern Mexico hit by second earthquake in a week
00:00 Red Bull Racing launch 2018 car
00:00 Another wasted day for kidney transplant inmate
00:00 Kidney transplant inmate has to wait even longer for justice
00:00 [WATCH] Konrad Mizzi expresses faith in judiciary as David Casa gives hour-long testimony

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00:00 OASI foundation warns about dangers of underestimating cocaine, synthetics
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00:00 Proposal to turn Marfa Palace to hotel set for decision
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Preserving our story for future generations

Nicholas C. Vella (Ed.) Malta Archaeological Review Issue 11 (2012-2013). The Journal of the Archaeological Society Malta.
Midsea Books, Malta 2017.

The 11th issue of the Malta Archaeological Review, a peer-reviewed journal, comprises a wide range of articles on several topics currently being researched by local and foreign scholars from various universities and institutions in Malta and abroad. The contributions are varied and touch upon different time periods as well as issues pertinent to current practices in archaeology and museology.  

The prehistory of the Maltese islands is complex and has a long history of research. Studies have primarily focused on material culture, which has been catalogued, dated and studied to reconstruct the living environment of the first inhabitants of our islands. Isabelle Vella Gregory invites us to take another approach, one which does not only take into consideration prehistoric structures and artefacts, but which centres on the people who created them. People are not passive, and narrating the story of our past in a linear chronological framework is limiting. Going beyond chronology, function and technology, we need to look at our prehistoric ancestors in terms of their daily lives, how they visualised and interacted with the monuments, tools, household and artistic artefacts they created. Vella Gregory’s studies build upon previous research and breathe new life into this area of study.

Abigail Zammit and Robert Kerr revisit the glyphs at the Taċ-Ċagħqi hypogeum in Rabat, focusing on the southeast burial chambers, and provide a critical assessment of what were previously identified as Neo-Punic inscriptions by Mgr Benedetto Rocco. By drawing parallels from similar inscriptions, and carefully re-examining the glyphs painted in red ochre, the authors conclude that the texts at Taċ-Ċagħqi are not Neo-Punic. The painted glyphs survive in a fragmentary state, making it difficult to reconstruct the original script.

Spectroscopic techniques have been successfully used to identify remnants of polychromy on ancient sculptures and architectural elements invisible to the naked eye by utilising electromagnetic radiation to analyse paint residues. Identifying if such techniques could be used to potentially help better reconstruct the glyphs, would in my view, provide a more conclusive understanding of their meaning.

Using epigraphic and iconographic evidence, George Azzopardi studies the funerary monument of a young girl who died during the Late Roman period in Malta, in an effort to determine her religious identity. Azzopardi notes that this monument was built during a time of religious transition on the Maltese islands, and concludes that this is reflected by the presence of Christian and pagan elements on the girl’s tombstone.

Leaping forward in time, Russell Palmer’s analysis of glassware and glass bottles provides insights into trade contacts and daily military life garrisoned at the Inquisitor’s Palace in Vittoriosa, which served as an army mess house and officers’ quarters during the 19th century. His aim to extend his research to include trade links with other British colonies, and ceramic and other vessels in his analysis, will provide a wider context to this study.

Anna Maria Rossi opens a window onto pre-independence archaeology in Malta, and reveals the heavy influence politics exerted on archaeological excavations at the time. It shows a budding archaeological discipline governed primarily not by academic research, but by a political agenda, which in turn, influenced the focus of Maltese archaeological research. This was an unfortunate event in the history of archaeological studies in Malta, exacerbated by political instability and lacking active involvement of local professionals, who were albeit few at the time and exerted little influence. These events teach us about the importance of preserving academic integrity, and the dangers of using archaeology to meet political agendas, examples of which unfortunately are not lacking.

Archaeology ultimately tells our story, and as archaeologists we need to share this story with the public

Stephanie Said’s documentation of traditional Maltese boats is exceptionally well researched and provides a lasting record of a dying tradition. She focuses on one of several boat types traditionally crafted on the islands, the firilla. Thorough examination of this sea craft, examples of which are housed at the Maritime Museum, allowed three-dimensional models to be reconstructed, which will preserve the knowledge and skills of our local boat builders to posterity. Woven into her research is information gleaned from old photographs and paintings, and from her efforts to record oral traditions from the few still active boat builders.

An architectural feature which dots our islands, but parallels of which can be found in several other European countries is the Maltese girna. This structure was the focus of research carried out by Ernest Vella, who produced a much-needed investigation of these relatively understudied buildings. His approach allowed the stratigraphic reconstruction of giren (pl.) located in the northwestern part of Malta.

Exhaustive research going back to the 1646 cabreo of the Order of St John’s Fondazione Lascaris provides us with a palimpsest of these corbelled constructions. This approach allowed other associated features to be dated and provided insights into agricultural practices, methods of construction and function. Further data can be obtained by expanding this study to include giren in other localities of the Maltese islands and carrying out a comparative study of Maltese giren with similar structures beyond our shores.

As archaeologists our work aims to locate, excavate and study the material remains left behind by past communities. Using myriad scientific techniques, we are able to reconstruct how, when and where our ancestors lived, we can track their movements, reconstruct their health and dietary patterns and the environment they inhabited, as well as their technological and artistic repertoire, rituals and beliefs.

Yet, archaeology is not just an academic exercise. Our findings need to be communicated and made accessible to the public. How we do this is assessed very aptly by Veronica Barbara, who raises a very important question: does it really matter what we exhibit in museum displays? The answer is a resounding yes. Through well researched case studies, we are encouraged to think more inclusively about how to tell the story of our past, and how to integrate academic research more effectively to make it accessible to all.

Sharon Sultana’s contribution on the setting up of the Phoenician display at the National Museum of Archaeology reiterates Barbara’s contribution. This was clearly an exercise that went beyond producing an informative and interactive display, but one set up around the visitors’ requirements. The work being carried out by curators responsible for managing our various museums and sites is truly remarkable, as they strive to not only ensure that our cultural heritage is preserved, but also to make these cultural gems accessible to us, and provide us with a unique experience as we delve into our country’s past.

In conclusion, I cannot but echo the call of the editor, Prof Nicholas C. Vella, for revisions to the current cultural heritage laws, which would enable archaeologists to deal with the backlog of data that has been generated due to countless excavations that have taken place in recent years, primarily generated by monitoring during construction works.

The speed with which this is happening is not proportional to the manpower and resources allocated to archaeological research. Documenting and publishing archaeological data is costly both in terms of time and money, and we run the risk of losing what we have gained if we do not have the resources to publish.

This is our national heritage. Once it is lost, it is gone forever. We hope that this issue will be given serious attention by whoever is next in government. Archaeology ultimately tells our story, and as archaeologists we need to share this story with the public and preserve it for generations yet to come.