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Govt told to take pastoral letters ‘seriously’ as Malawi clocks 59-years

A call has gone out to Malawi government to start fully engaging religious leaders on governance matters and also take seriously pastoral letters.

Senior Prophet Rodrick Mtupa of Holy Palace Cathedral International Ministry made the call on Thursday as Malawi celebrates 59 years of independence.

Prophet Mtupa, who came in the limelight with claims of fulfilled prophecies he made on 31st December, worried that religion has off recent failed to contribute positively to various governance issues.

He cited government’s reluctance to include religious leaders on issues of national importance as one of the contributing factors to the failure by the religion group to positively contribute various issues.

“Religion is not doing enough to promoting independence. Mostly, government does not engage religious leaders to make positive contributions on democracy matters, transparency on how funds and economic issues are being handled and other matters. So there is a gap between religious leaders and political leaders.

“It is understood that 80 percent of running government, is done by political leaders so where there is no integration between political parties and religious leaders, you find out that there is information gap when it comes to promoting independence,” said Mtupa.

He further expressed disappointment with how the Malawi government undermines religious leaders’ contributions by not paying attention to pastoral letters.

Mtupa added that it is very unfortunate that government always prioritizes contributions from political leaders and officials in public and private sectors unlike religious leaders.

“For example letters from catholic bishops of Malawi are underrated by political leaders which become a very big issue when it comes to economic balance.

“Religious leaders are not considered capable to provide economic advice to the government, it’s mostly those in public or private sectors who are welcomed to provide advice,” he added.

On freedom of worship Prophet Mtupa was quick to admit that there have not been obstructions from political leaders saying religious groups are allowed to exercise freedom of worship in the country.

“If we are to talk of freedom of worship, then in Malawi there are no distractions, it is being exercised.

“I have never seen political parties becoming a stumbling block when it comes to exercising freedom of worship,” he concluded.

Malawi holds celebrations every July 6 since it gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964, and this year is being celebrated under the theme “Renewed Unity and Patriotism for Our Country.”