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Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Reveals Why She Loves Having Unprotected S3x

Controversial Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing has again hit online with fresh confession over her s3xual habits.

This time around she is telling her followers why she loves having unprotected s3x.

While saying that she last had s3x on February 13th, the actress revealed that she does not like having protected s3x because she is free.

According to her, she gets herself checked medically after every relationship.

“I am free because I get tested every three months. For real, I do a Hepatitis B test. Once I am leaving somebody before starting another I make sure I check if he has deposited something that was not supposed to be in my body, so if he deposits, I flush it out and start afresh like right now I am a virgin, clean so before anybody can come in you must get tested. I have flushed the last one so now I am very free.”

Nkechi Blessing also admitted still being in contact with some of her ex-lovers, saying except for the ones that gossip behind her. “I can never be friends with an ex who goes about chatting shit.”

When accused of being a lady lover she denied saying, “The person that said it on the live video said he never said such. I am not a hater, I am a woman who loves to compliment other women because I am not a hater and I like girls who like girls doesn’t make me one.”

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