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By Jack Mavutula

Let me elaborate/clarify on what I wrote last night concerning APM’s (party) leadership failure and this is purely my opinion.

💥When Bingu died in April 2012, some political pundits predicted the death of DPP. They never imagined DPP surviving beyond Bingu.

💥However, it took one Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika to rise to the occasion during the burial of Bingu at Mpumulo wa bata in Thyolo where he made a pronouncement, “I will never leave you”

💥True to his words, APM gathered together a fierce DPP comeback bid that conquered the hills and the valleys from all corners of Malawi and managed to outsmart Joyce Banda out of power.

💥From day one, APM meant serious business when he assembled a lean cabinet and outlined some tough austerity measures aimed at restoring the country’s cashgate tattered economy back on track and to gaining donor confidence.

💥Mutharika led massive infrastructure projects, Kwacha was stabilised, and inflation pegged at single digit.

💥However, despite all his achievements, APM failed to manage DPP politics. It was evident to note that statehouse was turned into a party headquarters where some few individuals were seen to be running the affairs of the party.

💥The climax of APM’s low was how SKC left DPP. This was where APM was exposed. It went on as far as his choice of Everton Chimulirenji as his 2019 runningmate. Events leading to the crowning of Chimulirenji bared it all that Mutharika was never in control of the DPP politics.

💥Mutharika’s negotiating skills have also been a topic for debate. From how he failed to handle the academic freedom standoff as Min of Education to the time he failed to manage the Timothy Mtambos.

💥Mutharika was even lied to that “sitovotanso” in 2020. Even after the Constitution Court ruled in favour of a presidential rerun, Mutharika chose to stay away from the campaign trail, which ended in tears.

💥After he was ousted from power, Mutharika was still failing to manage DPP politics. The party never held any postmortem meeting, not even a single NGC meeting.

💥It has been a free for all in the party. It’s always some names dubbed “madala team” running the show. Mutharika only appears in the picture for photoshoot sessions at PAGE house.

💥As of now, Mutharika has turned himself into a president of a faction, the ayimanso crusaders.

💥Mutharika has failed to bring his party together as a father. Instead of calling for a round table discussion with all the DPP presidential candidates, Mutharika has left everything in the hands of the “cabal.” Mutharika is being toyed around by even some few small boys.

💥In all these things, Mutharika needs to rise to the occasion and stamp his authority. He needs to tame his boys and make decisions that are in favour of the party, not individuals.

💥Mutharika doesn’t need a few individuals to run the party for him. These are names that are not popular within the party, and sticking with them is becoming costly day by day.

💥If DPP is serious about snatching back power in 2025, then Mutharika must have for once become a politician. He must show that he is in control and can make decisions for the party on his own.

💥Otherwise, the cause of DPP problems is not KN or the candidates, but it is Mutharika himself. He doesn’t inspire hope. He is being toyed by some small boys under the “madala team,” and the ones suffering are ordinary party supporters on the ground.