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Zambian Asks For Lobola Discount To In Laws Because Their Daughter Is A Nurse 

A Zambian man i negotiating wit his in laws for a discount on the lobola money arguing that his incoming wife will be a nurse which means he will be a busy person.

Last Saturday, Mr Mushokabanji went with his team to meet the family of his fiancé in order to discuss and finalize the preparations of the wedding.

During the meeting, Mushokabanji told the in-laws that, he wanted a discount on the lobola because his incoming wife will be busy person, who will be working in the hospital during the night and days.

“I’m not going to be always with her, due to the night shift’s and their busy schedule these nurses have. So I’m asking for a discount on that,” he said.

The family reduced K2,000 from the earlier K10,000 they had charged.

In an interview with BBN last night, Mushokabanji’s said , in this modern world it’s high time that people should be left out to speak on issues that they feel are not good. I will be sleeping for weeks without her in my bed and that’s the reason I had to ask for the discount.

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