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Zambian Court dissolves ‘pay as you go’ marriage

A NDOLA man who told a local court he was tired of paying his wife money to exercise his conjugal rights has been granted divorce.

Robert Mutale, 32, who sued his wife Musonda Kalusha, 28, for divorce in a Kabushi local court said he had lost interest in the marriage because she made him pay for something he should have been getting for free.

He told the court that he was charged K100 dowry and had one child with Kalusha.

He also told the court his wife had hexed his manhood with charms as it was not performing to expectation.

Mutale said they had a family meeting where his wife agreed to have done something saying her friend gave her nsuko to use.

“But after prayers my manhood was back to normal but she continued to deny me sex and I have to beg and if she agreed to do it she will charge me each time,” he said.

Credit: Sunday Times

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