I switched sides because of Dr M, Anwar, says sacked Sabah PKR vice-chief

Former Sabah PKR vice-chief Kenny Chua says his decision to cross over was spurred by his loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: A Sabah assemblyman who was recently sacked by PKR for aligning himself with former chief minister Musa Aman said his actions were brought about by Warisan’s support for Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Kenny Chua also said it was spurred by his loyalty to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

In a statement, Chua said he decided “to part ways” with the Warisan-led government after it had confirmed its support for the former prime minister and its readiness to consider amending the party’s constitution to allow him to join the local party.

“It would go against my principle to be part of a state government that was led by Warisan because this party had openly declared its support for Mahathir.

“I’ve repeatedly said that as a PKR leader in Sabah, it was only right for me to stay loyal to my party president, and I threw my undivided support for him as the country’s next prime minister as what all Malaysians and Sabahans had been promised during the last general election.”

He said that following Warisan’s support for Mahathir, he had to field a lot of questions by the public and PKR supporters.

“I understood the negative sentiments the majority of Sabahans harbour towards Mahathir until today for what he had done to the state and its people for so long.”

On Thursday, PKR sacked Chua, its Sabah vice-chief, after he was spotted with Musa, who claimed he had the majority to form a new state government.

The party’s disciplinary committee chairman, Ahmad Kasim, said the decision to give Chua the boot was made after it confirmed his presence in a bloc “attempting to topple the Sabah government”.

Chua, the Inanam assemblyman, also cited Warisan’s treatment of its partners, including DAP and Upko, as another reason for switching sides.

He also denied allegations he was offered huge sums of money to switch sides, adding that the authorities could investigate him.

“They can check my bank accounts if they suspect I had been offered millions,” he said.

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