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Choreographer to honour heroes on National Heroes’ Day

AS the nation gears up to celebrate Heroes’ Day on 26 August at Omuthiya, all eyes are on renowned Namibian choreographer, Stanley Mareka, and his team from Equipped Performance Arts and Corporate Affairs Academy.

Following the resounding success of their choreography for Namibia’s Independence Day celebrations, they are now set to stage a mesmerising performance that will take the audience on an emotional journey through the country’s history.

The theme of this year’s opening ceremony revolves around the profound journey of Namibia, highlighting the four key stages: early resistance, liberation struggles, independence and freedom.

Unlike conventional performances, Mareka’s approach incorporates both performance arts and dance sport, creating a dynamic experience that promises to captivate the audience.

In an interview with Mareka shared his vision for the performance, emphasising the importance of paying homage to Namibian culture and tradition.

“Namibia’s rich cultural heritage is often overlooked, and this performance is an opportunity to showcase our traditions to the world,” he said.

“By collaborating with various cultural groups, modern dancers, Out of School Youth, DanceSport Namibia Federation members, College of the Arts creatives, and musicians, we are bringing together the diversity and dynamism of arts and sport.”

One of the significant challenges Mareka faces is coordinating more than 130 performers within an 8 to 10-minute performance slot. However, with passion, meticulous planning and respect for each performer’s message, he aims to create a cohesive and impactful choreography that leaves a lasting impression.

“I want the performers and the audience to feel the struggles, to cry the struggles and to celebrate the achievements,” Mareka asserted. “It’s not just about the movements; it’s about sharing the stories that shaped our nation.”

Reflecting on the success of his previous choreography for Independence Day, Mareka highlighted the importance of incorporating Namibian culture into every performance.

“Our cultural art is neglected. This performance is an opportunity to showcase our traditions on a grand stage. By working closely with Namibia’s traditional groups, we hope to enrich the experience and inspire physical education on our cultural heritage,” he explained.

The choreography aims to celebrate the heroines, families, neighbours, activists and all those who contributed to Namibia’s journey to independence. Contrary to expectations of a focus on bloodshed, Mareka’s performance will emphasise appreciation, development, and the need for peace and stability.

As Namibia looks forward to commemorate Heroes Day, the nation eagerly awaits the performance that Mareka and his team have prepared. With their hearts set on embracing their history and empowering the future, Heroes Day is destined to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of its people. –