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Classy Foods introduces new meals

CLASSY Foods recently introduced new meals, such as beef and chicken Gatsbys, sausage salsa dogs, beef, chicken and fish burgers, wraps and chop rolls to its menu.

The business started as Mam’G Takeaways in 2015.

Founder Gretchen Nicodemus (26) says some of her close friends at university used to call her ‘Mam’G’, so she decided to carry the name forward.

She decided to add new meals to the menu, because they are quick to prepare and are loved by children and young people, who are their biggest supporters.

“These are fresh, delicious and affordable meals. My food is made with a clean heart and love. That’s the main difference. Every dish is made with love and care.

“The Word says we shouldn’t eat from a greedy person’s hand. That’s why I check my heart and ask for forgiveness before preparing my food. I pray over my food.

“It’s important to me to feel good and at peace while preparing my meals,” Nicodemus says.

She says she loves preparing creative dishes.

“People would always commend me for my delicious food. Going into this business was a no-brainer for me. I know everyone needs to eat, and I felt I could capitalise on this,” she says.

Nicodemus was born and raised in Windhoek, and has obtained a bachelor’s degree in logistics and supply chain management.

She then proceeded to do an honours degree in project management, and finally a master’s in business administration.

Nicodemus also runs other businesses in the property, beauty, fashion and logistics industries.

She says seeing people enjoying her food makes her happy.

“Growing up I was a chubby girl. I loved food. All of it. I am not allergic to any food. I loved to eat it when I was younger, but hardly prepared any because I was in a hostel.

“At university, my bursary covered accommodation, so renting on my own allowed me to prepare meals for myself.

“I prepared meals for my friends whenever they came over. I got a weird sense of satisfaction from seeing their plates empty,” she says.

Nicodemus also runs a soup kitchen which feeds vulnerable children.

“So many of our people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, and it breaks my heart. My love language is food.

“Knowing I can make a small difference in people’s lives through nutrition makes me believe I’m living my purpose,” she says.

Nicodemus says her biggest challenge is human capital.

Employing someone who does not see her vision and does not prepare meals from the heart is a challenge, she says.

“Food prepared like this tastes different. I am big on consistency and a bit of a perfectionist. It gets tricky having to leave meal prep in someone else’s hands, operating under my business name,” she says.

Nicodemus says they are currently hard at work with plans to open a restaurant at Okahandja.

“This will be a place where families can come and unwind and bond over fun games and delicious food and drinks. We are looking at creating a safe environment for children. Something different, new, creative, and, of course, classy,” she says.