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Lioness Shines Bright in ‘Rock The Boat’ Season 2 Finale

THE second season of Namibia’s highly anticipated live music show, ‘Rock the Boat’, concluded with a spectacular finale showcasing Lioness.

The artist’s performance left the audience eager for more.

Hosted by Ngandu Events, the exclusive event took place at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) on 29 June.

The episode was released on Ngandu TV’s YouTube channel on 2 July , enabling fans to witness the magic that unfolded against the backdrop of the majestic Okavango River.

Lioness presented electrifying renditions of her popular hits, such as “Tala,” “Dreams,” “Superstar,” “Linyenga,” “Danisa,” and “Meme,” captivating everyone with her passion and talent.

She invited her primary school friend and vocalist Rachida to join her as a back-up singer.

Rachida not only impressed with her vocal range, but also delivered a poignant spoken word piece addressing gender-based violence.

The Generalz Band collaborated with Lioness and took the performance to new heights.

Nahenda Matheus did the styling and stage design.

Rock The Boat’s second season showcased Namibia’s diverse and vibrant music scene.

Each episode, from the infectious Hikwa sounds of Sunny Boy to the energetic performances of Sally Boss Madam, Waters, Yeezir, Owtwo Liherekete, Bankx and Tswazis, celebrated the country’s rich musical talent. –