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Mahindra enters game viewers’ market

Mahindra is renowned for its robust and durable vehicles in the bakkie segment, which can be used in various roles ranging from light delivery vans to ambulances.

Mahindra Namibia has now also entered the tourism market as its game viewers are reliable and affordable.

Top Revs spoke to Elroy Jacobs about Mahindra’s game viewers, specially ordered for clients, since tourism is one of the pillars of Namibia’s economy.

“The attention to detail is on point, and provision is made for everything, and we at M+Z Mahindra have the vision and dream to penetrate the tourist industry,” he says.

Built on the Mahindra chassis, the vehicle offers all the reliable mechanics of Mahindra’s commercial and passenger segment, with the exception that the game viewer is specially converted in South Africa for the purpose of tourism.

The game viewer is based on the S4 4×4 vehicle, which is the most basic and least electronic variant of the bakkie range, making it ideal for the conditions it will serve in, Jacobs says.

Though it is the basic variant of the series, attention to detail has not been compromised on when it comes to the conversion as a game viewer.

The 11-seater caters for both crew and passengers to ensure a comfortable ride with unhindered view while on a game drive.

The canvas-covered bucket seats are installed in such a way that passengers are not blocked by fellow travellers and guests, while there are footrests for extra comfort in all three seat rows.

Each seat is fitted with a lap seat belt for safety during field trips.

The high roof cage also serves as a roll cage for extra safety.

Each row has its own entrance, with side steps for easy acces to the vehicle.

All seats are fitted with a cup holder, handles to hold onto during off-roading, and a utility bag for the easy storage of personal belongings.

The vehicle is also fitted with a fold-away polycarbonate windscreen, while the canvass, with see-through windows, can be rolled down should the weather change, without spoiling the view.

On the technical side the vehicle is available in 4×2 and 4×4 versions.

The ground clearance of 210mm makes the game viewer ideal for almost all terrains.

The payload of almost 1,2 tonnes is ideal.

The game viewer is powered by the renowned 2,2turbo diesel Mahindra engine, delivering 103kW and 320nM at 1 500rpm through a six-speed manual gearbox.

The car is fitted with a dual battery system, and 12V plug points to charge electronic devices and cameras when needed.

Additional accessories, like a bull or nudge bar, can be fitted.

The Mahindra game viewer was designed with tour operators and their passengers in mind, while the rubberised rear compartment is easy to clean and maintain when not in use.

The vehicle is priced at around N$600 000, depending on the operator’s requirements.