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Match fixing flagged at Opuwo

The Opuwo Third Division has been asked to look into “suspicious” results over the weekend which saw “astonishing” winning margins involving “teams competing for the top positions”.

The flagged results are Opuwo Golden Wolves steamrolling Western Boys 28-0 and Opuwo Young Rangers’ 58-0 inhalation of Epupa Zebra Stars on Saturday.

Consequently, the Kunene Football League, under which the Opuwo fourth tier league resides, disqualified “all four teams involved from participating in the play-offs for qualification to the second division”.

The entire establishment’s integrity has been compromised, said KFL chairperson Marshall Boemlo Gomeb.

“We take matters of this nature seriously and seek at all times to protect the integrity of the game. The KFL have been working together with the Opuwo 3rd Division, as well as clubs (implicated) with the aim of combating any and all types of crime, fraud or illicit action within the league,” Gomeb said.

“The integrity of the game is critical to the league and KFL takes seriously these allegations and any contravention of the league’s integrity. The league committee has launched a full investigation and are waiting for the different reports from the parties involved.”

Concerned KFL members HotSpring Football Club, Clever Boys Sport Club, and Young Kings Football Club urged the authorities to expeditiously get to the bottom of the controversy.

When registering their complaint, the three clubs attached “compelling video evidence” that the outcome of the matches in question were manipulated.

“Additionally, we have an audio recording of the referee expressing his observations during the match, wherein he admits witnessing irregularities and he attempted to halt the game,” they said in a letter to the KFL, Opuwo 3rd Division Committee and the league’s main sponsor, the Opuwo Town Council.

“Furthermore, we possess an audio recording of a member from Epupa Zebra Stars confessing that they accepted N$2 000 from an unidentified individual to deliberately lose the game by a significant margin,” the clubs claim.

“The league committee has remained silent and provided no communication regarding the ongoing scandals. It is worth noting that Opuwo Young Rangers finished at the top of the league standings, but no official confirmation or communication has been received from the league to crown them as champions of the Opuwo 3rd division. Given these circumstances, we strongly believe that the matches in question were manipulated to ensure the success of a particular team,” the clubs stated.

“The lack of communication and transparency from the league committee has only intensified our concerns. We request that the appropriate authorities take swift and decisive action to uphold the integrity of the game and to ensure fair competition in the Opuwo 3rd Division.”