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Ms Gideon, Rising a Single at a Time

Panduleni Gideon, better known as Ms Gideon, is a rising star in the music industry, and her latest single, ‘Jehova’, is proof of her immense talent.

With her unique style and classy lyrics, the artist brings a new type of sound to listeners, while her voice is proof that Ms Gideon is here to stay.

In a one-on-one interview with this week, Ms Gideon explained the inspiration behind ‘Jehova’, saying the track is merely about showing gratitude to God.

Who would you say is Ms Gideon exactly? How did the music bug bite you?

I’m a Namibian-born singer from Windhoek who found fame in covering amapiano and Afrobeat hits on social media. While still in my teens, I collaborated on a song called ‘Pretty Vibes’. I started singing at quite a young age, ever since I was eight years old.

You’ve worked on a trending hit track featuring singer Yeezir ‘Pretty Vibes’. How did the collaboration happen?

Yeezir and I have been good friends since high school, but it was more of a long-distance relationship, as he was from another town. When he moved to Windhoek, we decided to collaborate on a song as we both share the same passion for music.

Give us a brief background about the new track titled ‘Jehova’?

‘Jehova’ is my first single for 2023. I wrote it at night while sitting in a car. ‘Jehova’ is written from the heart, as it shows my gratitude to God for all he has made possible for me. There was a time I had doubts about continuing with the music journey, hence the chorus, “Running for my dreams there’s no more stalling”.

How long have you perhaps been holding back your art and what kept you on the low before kick-starting the journey?

I’ve been holding back for quite some time now. But that’s because I had school to focus on and I had a fear of people not liking what I put out there.

What inspired the title of the new song?

Jehovah inspired the title of the song, because I have so much to be grateful for. He’s been leading me into greener pastures and the least I can do is thank and praise him.

How would you say was the song received so far?

I believe I received plenty of love on this single. Most can relate to the lyrics. And I’ll always be grateful to those who show me genuine love. Although I did receive criticism from a few members of the older generation (35-40), because they believe music that has something to do with God can only be sung in church. Which I don’t agree with, but we can’t change their old mindsets.

Are you an independent artist or are you currently signed under a record label?

I’m not signed under a record label, I’m currently an independent artist.

Who and what would you say inspires your music in general?

I wouldn’t say it’s a person that inspires my music, it’s more of the life changes and challenges that I go through that inspire my music.

You have been performing at different shows recently with the track ‘Pretty Vibes’. How are you finding the experience so far?

In the beginning, I didn’t find performing easy as I’m a very shy individual. I had to step out of my comfort zone and I’m currently learning to love every bit of the stage.

Now that you have debuted your music career as a solo artist, what can music fans expect from you?

I’m trying my best to serve only the best. They should be on a lookout for a banger summer song.

When you’re not doing music, what do you get up to?

I’m an influencer on the side. I work alongside different brands. I’m also a part-time student at Nust, studying marketing.

Who produced the single and the visuals?

Kalloonthebeat is the producer behind the song ‘Jehova’ and the snippet video was made in Aphrikestudio with Hiidini behind the camera.

What would you say makes you unique as an artist and how do you plan on remaining relevant?

As an artist, I never forget to be myself. What you see is what you get. I remain authentic as I know where I come from and what I want to build for myself.