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Music won’t prevent me from marrying – LT Shitana

FREDRICK Shitana (also known as LT Shitana), a local traditional, Afro-pop and Shamboo artist, will wed his long-time partner Lavinia Nghimwena next month.

He says because he became the head of the household when he was only 13 years old, being an artist does not prevent him from getting married.

Shitana says getting married means a lot to him and his fiancée because they had a desire for marriage when they first met.
It was only a matter of time, because we knew and understood each other so well that we all passed the test, and we now have to move on to the next page to fulfil the promises we made to each other six years ago, Shitana says.

“I didn’t propose her to be my girlfriend; instead, I proposed that she be my wife and that I be her husband.”

Shitana says even if he will be tying the knot, he will always be an artist.

“I didn’t apply to be an artist, but I was born with this talent so it’s a job I got from God to use music to be the voice of the voiceless,” the artist says, adding that as nothing has changed musically, people should anticipate more from him as usual.

Shitana declares, “I’ll just make music that is more mature and work harder than unmarried men.”

The musician is presently finalising his 11th album, which will be released after the wedding.

“I am inviting you all, the wedding will be held in Okongo at our villages on 25 and 26 August,” he says.