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‘Raw, Unapologic and Aggressive’

MC, actress, musician, radio presenter and upcoming DJ Chilli Bite says her art is raw, unapologetic and aggressive.

Having grown up at Greenwell Matongo in Windhoek, Chilli Bite is taking the world of showbiz by storm.

She describes her journey as a chance to look at the world differently and with rapt attention.

“Growing up in Eveline Street, I was able to attend a private school, which made it very clear to me that kids of wealth, and kids like myself and my peers at home, are not exposed to the same opportunities.

“So, every opportunity outside of education, I grasped with both hands” she says.

Chilli Bite’s emceeing career started when she was a presenter on ‘Frenzy Specials’, a holiday programme for children, when she was 11.

She says speaking in front of the masses has always been a dream.

Chilli Bite says she plans to take on the male-dominated DJ industry soon.

“Currently I’m a DJ who still cowers in the shadows, so in a few years, I’m sure I’d be a flower that bloomed,” she says.

Chilli Bite describes the industry as challenging, saying female artists are deeply underestimated.

“There is a lot of underestimation when my name is involved, because I do not have ‘co-signs’ from the ‘greats’. I have been blackballed, sexually harassed, scammed and cheated,” she says.

Yet she says she has managed to push some limits.

“I have travelled across regions and made a name for myself from Tses to Ondangwa. I love how I walk into any room and people know exactly who I am.

“I am truly who I needed to be as a child: a woman of choice,” she says.

Promising an exciting podcast in the next few months, Chilli Bite says this is just the birth of her career.

She says the same people who inspired her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry now embrace her journey.

“From Cool Under Pressure and PDK to TopCheri, Tesh, Fresh Family, and Qonja – to name a few. I appreciate the camaraderie,” she says.

In order for the entertainment industry to continue booming, she says upon the opening of every financial year the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture should have an entertainment budget that could be allocated to different sectors within the industry.

“This budget won’t only fund entertainment, but will act as a small and medium enterprise fund as well.

“Have people draft proposals, and if said proposal is deemed lucrative, you’re able to receive a loan to invest whatever future plans you have in the industry,” she says. –