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Singer on ‘Love’ and a Passion for

Ann Singer, an award-winning singer-songwriter, became popular in 2015 when she released her debut album, ‘Bulletproof’.

The artist, whose real name is Annastasia Linus, shone at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in 2016, winning four trophies in one night, including best album of the year.

She was previously signed by Mabala Noise Entertainment in South Africa, and has performed at the Durban July in the past.

In addition, Singer supports mental health awareness and serves as the Pebble Foundation’s ambassador.

The Pebble Foundation’s main objective is to collect sanitary products for disadvantaged girls.

Singer also serves as a creative ambassador of the ‘Never Walk Alone’ project, which strives to provide needy students at various schools nationwide with new school shoes.

The vocalist spoke to The Weekender this week to elaborate on her upcoming third studio album and her activities in the last three years.

Singer has been quiet since releasing her second studio album, ‘Sanity’, in 2019.

“I have been working very hard to get back to my genuine passion, which is creating music. I was trying to recover from all the damage Covid-19 caused, like any other.”

She says while she didn’t have as much time as she would have liked in the studio, she still managed to squeeze in a few performances on sporadic occasions while always trying to improve herself.

The artist says she went back to school to take a short course and began a catering company, which has been taking up a lot of her time.

“As an ambassador for the two charities, I have also been working on charitable projects in an effort to give back to the community,” she says.

“I have discovered that, regrettably, creativity cannot be rushed. I’ve also learnt how to develop my creativity as a unique individual,” Singer says.

She says she has learnt to be patient with herself.

“Many people make the mistake of rushing into the studio just for the sake of it. The few times that I got into the studio over the past year and a half left me with a lot of blank moments and creative blockages, because I wasn’t completely ready, especially creatively and mentally, but I’m glad I was able to extend grace by being patient with myself.”


Singer says her third album will be titled ‘Love’.

“I had a ton of names to choose from, but ‘Love’ won.”

Apart from the fact that the album contains mostly love songs, she says: “I chose this title, since it’s also a love letter to my previous and future selves.”

The album will be released at Vivasso in Windhoek on 19 August, she says.

“Me, the band, and perhaps some of the featured artists will play during this wonderful musical evening, she says.

Singer says her main goal is to ensure that attendees leave the event with a sense of having experienced something.

She says she is eager to play songs from her upcoming album as well as her two prior albums.

The 14 songs on her new album are a mix of sounds with various messages on love, life and strength, she says.

“I genuinely believe this album is my greatest effort to date. I did a fantastic job, both vocally and lyrically. Three of the tunes on the album were created in collaboration with the renowned producer Glo.

“On about 80% of the record, I also collaborated with the extremely talented and young producer Maritoko,” she says.

Singer says she also works with DJ Chronics and Andrew on the Beat.

On the new album she has included a song to pay tribute to the late Arrafath, who produced it, she says.

“So in an attempt to honour his craft and talent, I’ve decided to add it to the album.”

She says she has worked with TopCheri and Lucky as well on her new album.

According to Singer, ‘Love’ is a cocktail record compared to her earlier albums.

“On this album, I think I’ve grown vocally, I’ve explored different ways of writing, and I was really more open to trying out and fusing different sounds, working with the different producers on the album.

“It has allowed me to grow as a creative.”

Her future plans include doing a few features in addition to the album.

“I also intend to film music videos, but my main priority is to attempt to resume performing more frequently, especially outside the nation, to continue supporting my lovely motherland.”

The following few months will be occupied with promoting the album and working to expand her brand, Singer says.