I have memory loss

I recently turned 70 and now discovered that I sometimes forget simple things such as the names of my former classmates, family friends or simple words.  A friend of mine said that my condition is the result of normal aging but I know people who are older than me who still have very good memories. Your kind assistance will be appreciated.

Chief Emeka (by SMS)

While it is true that your condition could be as a result of normal aging, it could also be due to a condition called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).  MCI is a form of cognitive decline that falls in a grey area between normal aging and dementia. Certain types of medications can cause memory problems while depression has also been linked to MCI. It may therefore be possible to alleviate symptoms of MCI by treating depression while your doctor may be able to offer you a different drug therapy that won’t affect your memory. A diagnosis of MCI doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stuck with the ailment because the condition in most cases, is reversible. Steps that you can take to protect yourself from MCI include, getting better sleep, lowering your stress levels, and eating more of nuts, fish, vegetables and fruits.  Achieving cardiovascular fitness through regular exercises and regular Blood Pressure checks is important because blockages in your blood flow can cause brain damage and speed up cognitive decline. It is also beneficial to challenge your brain with activities like puzzles, playing a musical instrument, and learning a new language.


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