MCSN’s Gocreate App, first in Africa – Mayo Ayilaran

The new tracking and monitoring technology, ‘Gocreate App’ launched by the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MCSN) during the World Music Day webinar held on June 21, 2020, is now available for download on App stores.

According to the CEO of MCSN, Mayo Ayilaran, the new App can be accessed through all mobile devices and desktops as from this month.
“Gocreate App is Africa’s first digital CMO platform and we’re proud to be the first to deploy the breakthrough technology that provides rights management solutions for the creative industry,” he said.

Shedding more lights on the tracking technology, Ayilaran explained that the ‘Gocreate App’ is able to monitor radio and television airplays, download and stream on Digital Streaming Services (DSP), including offline monitoring of hotels, clubs, concerts and event venues, using its proprietary audits fingerprinting technology to identify the user of the intellectual property, including analytics of when and where a musical work was played, and then collect the royalties for onward distribution to MCSN’s members.

Non-members of MCSN are, however, not left out of the benefits being offered by Gocreat App. The MCSN boss assured that they too can enjoy the benefits through free registration directly on the Gocreate App.

“All they need to do is to upload their musical works to earn royalties. And this also applies to authors, composers, musicians, producers and publishers,” he stated.

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