New Juventus manager, Pirlo told to sign Man Utd star immediately

Former Bayern Munich striker, Luca Toni, has urged new Juventus manager, Andrea Pirlo, to sign Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba this summer transfer window.

Pogba played alongside Pirlo during their team at Juventus.

But Toni believes the France World Cup winner would be the “ideal gift” for Pirlo to start building Juventus midfield ahead of next season.

“Knowing Andrea, he will start building from midfield,” Toni told Tuttosport.

“The ideal gift would be Pogba. I do not know if that is possible, but it would certainly be the best option.

“Andrea will not be a coach who focuses on defending and counter-attacking.

“He loves to dominate the ball and will want to impose that on his team.

“I do not know what system he will use, and I do not think it matters. Andrea is intelligent and flexible.”

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