Nigerians must change before good leaders emerge— Ahamba 

Nigerians must change before good leaders emerge— Ahamba 

Nigerians must change before good leaders emerge— Ahamba 

By Chinonso Alozie

Mike Ahamba(SAN), on Wednesday, said Nigerians must change their attitude to governance before their leaders can change positively, especially during electioneering period.

Ahamba spoke to Vanguard in Owerri, Imo State, on the way forward as Nigeria celebrates its 60th independence anniversary.

He said during the electioneering period that the electorate usually “rob” the politicians by accepting money from them before they vote.

Ahamba added that as a result of the exchange of money for vote that usually happened at the election field, when politicians win the election they would, first of all, recover the money spent on the election before attending to issues of governance.

However, Ahamba said that Nigerians must start doing the right thing to improve governance in the country by rejecting the wrong things and do the right things for the good of all.

According to Ahamba, “I think the time has come when we see individual success as Nigeria’s success.

He said: “Success can be generalised when it is based on what every citizen can access, not when you are given the opportunity in serving the nation you acquire wealth beyond what you could have earned.

“But unfortunately, people have extolled such people who have done such things. So to get it right, we have to start by stopping some of those things that we know are bad against the welfare of others and stop praising people who have done it.

“So it all depends on our people. What we must do is to ask ourselves if there is anything we are doing wrong and make up your mind to change it.”


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