Sabi’u Ado: The Type Buhari Needs

Good people are always in the hide but no matter what and how they must be exposed and made to contribute their quota towards the development of their nation because of their track record and integrity.

Col. Sabi’u Ado’s name has been famous in the world of humility, integrity, self-discipline, hard work, dedication and humbleness.

If the present administration is looking for the most credible people, his likes shouldn’t be left behind, because of his God-fearing attitude and selfless service to the nation when he was a military officer.

There’s no difference between Buhari’s character and that of Col. Ado because of the fact that he doesn’t regard himself as somebody but rather a common man. Ado has lived a fulfilled military life as a humble officer who always believe in living simple life and always preached God-fearing and devoid himself from enriching himself from the public treasury or illegally. To ascertain the credibility of Col. Ado is the kind of life he is living. The house in which he lives,  a three bed room flat lowest to be owned by an ordinary civil servant without any thing impressive to show. The colonel sleeps in a three seater chair in his sitting room and possesses only 10 pairs of clothes and an ordinary Hennessey Honda. Looking at the juicy post he held while in the military he would have lived a luxury life of affluence but he chooses a simple life full of contentment.

Whenever the colonel was in mufti one would never know he was a senior military officer.

Thank God the retired colonel is now into politics under the conviction of his friends to contribute the gift bestowed on him towards developing the nation in therefore suggesting his inclusion in the present administration as the matter of credibility. If Nigerian happens to have his likes in the current administration, definitely the next level agenda would be actualized because he will not tolerate stealing and he has the nation and the common man at heart.

The inclusion of hidden credible people in the present administration will mean well to Nigeria at a challenging time when God fearing people are needed. Col. Ado (rtd) has proved himself a true patriot and a person of repute that always respects elders and even those under him. He always believes in destiny. His type are those to be entrusted with the nation’s mandate because there is no doubt everything will be in safe hand.

Therefore,   President Muhammadu Buhari needs to include Ado as his cabinet member for the next level to be intact and benefit from his wealth of experience and blessing.

– Shu’aibu wrote from Kano.

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