OXFAM: países ricos acaparan la vacuna contra COVID-19

OXFAM ha instado a ofrecer una «vacuna del pueblo» que sería distribuida gratuitamente y en base a las necesidades de cada país/Deutsche Welle

OXFAM: países ricos acaparan la vacuna contra COVID-19

La ONG dice que se ha cerrado la compra de millones de dosis, de las cuales 51% han sido encargadas por Gobiernos como Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Japón, Suiza e Israel.

Football news:

Fati is the youngest goalscorer in the Clasico. He broke Raul's 1995 record
Ramos is playing his 31st match against Barca for Real Madrid in La Liga. He repeated the record of Raul and hento
Pep Guardiola: Manchester City lost 7 points - that's a lot. But problems arose for various reasons
Sandro Schwartz: Dynamo played intensely and scored 3 goals. We wanted to be more active in the attack
The tour in Italy started with a cool comeback with 6 goals. But it was difficult to see, because the main star was a dense fog
Guardiola supported Aguero, who put his hand on the shoulder of the female referee: Everything was fine. He has repeatedly put his hand on me
Courtois before Clasico: The best nine in the world is playing in Real Madrid