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JCDecaux Launches SMARTFRAME West - A Unique Digital Proposition For West Auckland

Leading Out-of-Home media company JCDecaux New Zealand has switched on its 26th SMARTFRAME in its national network, the first and only digital Out-of-Home site to reach audiences heading to western suburbs such as New Lynn, Blockhouse Bay, Titirangi, Huia, and Laingholm, as well as the western beaches.

With no other billboards along the route from the Northern Western motorway to coastal western suburbs, SMARTFRAME West stands as a prominent and exclusive digital advertising platform filling a significant void in the advertising landscape.

Mike Watkins, Country Head, JCDecaux New Zealand, said: “Our newest SMARTFRAME will enable advertisers to reach the valuable and extensive western Auckland audience at high frequency. Situated on traffic lights where the main arterials split into three lanes, it has incredible viewability and high dwell time on the only commuter route out to the western suburbs and coast.”

It has the largest reach of any JCDecaux SMARTFRAME in Auckland with gross contacts of almost 900,000 Kiwis for a standard two-week campaign. Close to Avondale College, the Avondale Market/Sports and Race Grounds and new intensive apartment precincts, SMARTFRAME West is already popular with advertisers. Avondale is being developed as a new community and transport hub with retail and a new Auckland Council swimming pool complex planned in the next five years.

JCDecaux New Zealand's recent research into mobility patterns shows that 89 percent of New Zealanders are now commuting to workplaces for at least three or more days a week, with commuter-hour traffic reaching an all-time high. This presents an exceptional opportunity for brands to target Auckland's western commuters with the new site.

The JCDecaux SMARTFRAME network launched in 2019 with five screens around Auckland CBD. It has now grown to 26 screens across Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington and reaches more than 9 million people during a standard two-week campaign. The portrait digital SMARTFRAME format is unique to JCDecaux, measuring 3.1m by 4.8m, with screens strategically located for optimal advertising impact and mass audiences across the three main centres.

SMARTFRAME supports programmatic trading and at close to 9:16, standard digital ratio, brands can easily extend digital campaigns to SMARTFRAME panels without having to recreate digital assets. This means they provide a strong creative bridge between digital advertising campaigns and are an effective priming media for brands with a strong digital conversion funnel.

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