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Nespresso Introduces Four New Espresso Coffees To

New Zealand, 9 June 2022— As the world slowly begins to open to eager travellers once again, Kiwis can also satisfy their wanderlust from the comfort of their own home this winter with four new additions to Nespresso’s World Explorations range -- Paris Espresso, Istanbul Espresso, Rio de Janeiro Espresso, and the Limited-Edition Miami Espresso.

The World Explorations range was created by Nespresso in 2021 as a discovery experience, applying their expertise in blending and roasting to curate a journey for coffee lovers to explore the local coffee cultures and rituals that are enjoyed across the world.

The new cities being introduced to the range all have strong coffee heritage - from the first coffee merchants and coffeehouses of Istanbul; to Paris’ rich coffee shop culture, which boasts more than 35,000 cafés and coffee-serving restaurants. Rio de Janeiro represents the world’s largest coffee-producing country, Brazil; and the Limited-Edition Miami pays tribute to the deeply ingrained Cuban coffee culture of Miami.

Discover the Limited-Edition Nespresso World Explorations Miami Espresso:

World Explorations Miami Espresso – NEW, LIMITED-EDITION

Intensity: 9

A vibrant blend to match the vibrant city of Miami, Latin American Arabica and Robusta meet a touch of Caribbean Robusta, bringing to life this roasted and spicy coffee. Transport your coffee moment straight to the bustling Miami streets.

Miami is known for loud colours and relaxed fashion. Elegance makes way for comfort and the greatest joys come from sharing simple pleasures with those close to you. The design for Miami Espresso reflects this bright, coastal lifestyle with more than a subtle nod to the city’s Caribbean and Cuban influences where you can find colourful flooring made from a range of patterned tiles.

To enjoy as a local would: Sip your espresso as a short black or with a sprinkle of brown sugar. Pair with a key-lime pie for the perfect escape.

To enjoy with milk: Try as a Cappuccino for an intense but vibrant coffee moment

Discover the three permanent additions to Nespresso’s World Explorations range:

World Explorations Paris Espresso - NEW

Intensity: 6

With its rich café culture where locals enjoy philosophising over a coffee, Paris Espresso transports you straight to the Parisian terraces with its balanced blend of lightly roasted Latin American Arabicas, emboldened by Vietnamese Robusta. Delicately bitter with cereal and citrus notes, this is a cup that lives up to the Parisian café experience.

Striking yet simple, this capsule design represents the black and white tiles of Parisian café floors. This timeless repeated diamond creates depth and space for a flawless, minimalist pattern that encapsulates the modernity and elegance of Paris.

To enjoy as a local would: Enjoy your cup black or as a café au lait with a French pastry.

To enjoy with milk: Create a rich Piccolo by adding a dash of hot frothed milk over your espresso.

World Explorations Istanbul Espresso - NEW

Intensity: 8

Taking you back to traditional Turkish coffeehouses, this intense ambrosial brew bursts with boldness, wild ripe fruits, and a delicate almond touch. In homage to traditional Turkish coffee, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta bring a thick and velvety style, reminding us of the city once at a crossroads on the ancient coffee trade routes.

Inspired by the spice trade of Istanbul’s grand bazaar, this turmeric yellow capsule features a combination of Arabic geometric patterns and designs inspired by Iznik pottery. These Turkish decorated ceramics require an intricate production process along with expert craftmanship, which also draws upon a rich cultural heritage, just like our World Explorations coffees.

To enjoy as a local would: Accompany your espresso with a glass of water and a piece of Turkish Delight.

To enjoy with milk: Enjoy as a Flat White for a balanced and warming morning coffee.

World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso - NEW

Intensity: 9

Embodying the spirit of this lively, colourful city, Rio de Janeiro Espresso reflects the country’s deep-rooted heritage of coffee growing and drinking. This is an intense, exotic, and velvety espresso, crafted exclusively with Brazilian Arabicas, boasting a unique touch of sandalwood, along with herbal notes.

A tropical city with unique geography, Rio de Janeiro combines urban development with a natural landscape. With palm trees lining many of its iconic streets and beaches, this design reflects the elegant layering of green leaves that joyfully burst out, just like the feathers of its famous carnival headdresses.

To enjoy as a local would: Double your espresso with hot water to taste the typical smooth Carioca coffee.

To enjoy with milk: Enjoy as a Cappuccino for a creamy take on the traditional espresso.

Signature World Explorations Coffee Recipes

To celebrate World Explorations, Nespresso has shared signature recipes designed to travel the world with every cup.

Cafecito Cappuccino made with Miami Espresso

Taking inspiration from the Cuban ‘Cafecito’, a sweetened espresso, this Cafecito Cappuccino is a playful twist on the spicy espresso drink with the addition of creamy milk froth and a dusting of brown sugar.

  1. Froth your milk on high froth or Cappuccino setting.
  2. Extract 40ml Miami Espresso directly into Cappuccino Glass.
  3. Pour hot milk over the top, allowing a dome to form.
  4. Dust coffee with a teaspoon of brown sugar, allowing it to melt into the creamy milk froth and enjoy.

Café Au Lait made with Paris Espresso

Discover bold and rich flavours of this classic French recipe that brings coffee and milk in balance with intensity.

  1. Heat milk using Nespresso milk device on setting with minimal froth.
  2. Extract 2 x Paris Espresso capsules into a Cappuccino cup for a total of 80ml.
  3. Pour hot milk into class over your espresso.
  4. Serve with croissant and dip into coffee as you enjoy.

Rosewater Mocha made with Istanbul Espresso

An intense roast meets the sweet flavours of chocolate and rose for a decadent afternoon treat.

  1. Heat milk using Nespresso milk device on Cappuccino setting.
  2. Add chocolate sauce and rose water into Cappuccino cup.
  3. Extract 40ml Instanbul Espresso into Cappuccino cup and stir to combine.
  4. Pour milk over top of espresso as close to the cup as possible to encourage froth to form on top.
  5. Grate chocolate over top.

Brazilian Affogato made with Rio de Janeiro Espresso

Taking inspiration from the beloved Brazilian dessert the Brigadeiro, this after dinner classic brings you intense coffee with sweet indulgent flavours.

  1. Add sweetened condensed milk to Cappuccino Glass.
  2. Add ice cream scoop to glass.
  3. Extract 40ml Rio de Janeiro Espresso along the side of glass to maintain the ice cream shape.
  4. Garnish with chocolate sprinkles to resemble Brigadeiro.

Spiced Espresso Martini made with Miami Espresso

A twist on a beloved cocktail. Taking inspiration from this coffee’s aromatic profile, enjoy a classic with a peppery twist.

  1. Place ice, 45ml vodka, 15ml coffee liqueur, 10ml maple syrup and some black cracked pepper into a shaker.
  2. Extract 40ml Miami Espresso directly into the shaker as the last ingredient.
  3. Place lid on shaker and shake hard for 15 seconds.
  4. Strain into a martini glass.
  5. Garnish with a pinch of cinnamon, some more cracked pepper and a cinnamon stick to finish.

The Nespresso World Explorations coffee range is available online and at Nespresso Boutiques from 24th May 2022. The World Explorations permanent range will be priced at $9.50 per sleeve, with Limited-Edition Miami Espresso priced at $14.00.

For more information on Nespresso’s World Explorations coffee range, including coffee recipes and accessories, please visit

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