Papua New Guinea
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Digicel Foundation aids rural hospital

Through the support of Digicel Foundation Kokopo, Warangoi Rural Hospital in Gazelle district, East New Britain Province, was the proud recipient of a solar vaccine refrigerator, a much-needed equipment to store vaccines.

Digicel Foundation Kokopo team leader Belinda Kanau said PNG was ranked 153 across the world in terms of Human Development Index (HDI), meaning PNG’s health and education were failing therefore the foundation was created to create opportunities to allow improved access to main areas like Health and education in the country.

“We do this by creating partnerships and strengthening partnerships like what we are doing today with the Warangoi Rural Health centre here,” she said.

“Since the foundation started in Papua New Guinea, Digicel Foundation has spent about a K169 million, out of that, we’ve contributed towards K2.976 million for East New Britain projects alone, that doesn’t only cover health but education as well and other funding opportunities such as community grants.”

Ms Kanau said the solar vaccine refrigerator, including logistics to bring across to the country cost around US$58,000 (K212.527.02), however, the impact that this refrigerator will have on the people is worth more than the money the foundation has spent.

“The amount of social impact that it will have brings more value, as we know a lot of challenges, we have in the country is lack of resources, this is something that we will continue to support, and looking into other facilities in the region as well,” she said.

Medical officer and the only doctor at the Warangoi Rural Hospital Dr Micah Misivet, thanked Digicel Foundation.

He said the vaccine refrigerator is a much-needed medical equipment in the hospital as its consistency and reliability is an essential factor for the safe storage of the hospital’s vaccines, which will now solve a lot of the hospital’s problems.