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E-Library opens new era for NIP

A New initiative for Lemeris village, and the first established E-Library setup in New Ireland Province is a step in bridging the digital divide in improving education and access to information.

The Ben Isikel E-Library (BIEL) is the first e-library to be established in the province.
This initiative is a step towards bridging the digital divide in improving education and access to information in the region especially to remote schools.

Lemeris Primary School is the first school in the province to embark on this new platform.
The e-library, called “The Ben Isikel E-Library,” was initiated by Luanne Isikel Borle, a member of the Australia Awards, Women Leading and Influencing (WLI), an Australian Government Initiative.

Luanne delivered 20 laptops, including the RACHEL server for the e-library platform.
In addition, a three-day workshop was held to train more than 10 teachers on the basics of using the E-library RACHEL, basic computer literacy, and leadership training.

The children of Lemeris village use the computers, especially the grade 8 students during their remedial classes for the upcoming exams.

The e-library has opened up a new learning paradigm for them.

The teachers who attended the training also valued the learning experience.

Students attending computer class.

Renovation works are currently underway to transform an old classroom into the new e-library classroom.

The launching of this e-library is scheduled for the first week of October.

The benefits of this e-library to the Education Department for the New Ireland government are numerous.

Firstly, it provides students with access to a vast array of educational resources, allowing them to expand their knowledge and improve their academic performance.

The e-library also offers teachers the opportunity to enhance their teaching methods by incorporating digital resources into their lesson plans.

Furthermore, the e-library can serve as a model for other communities in the province, demonstrating the positive impact that access to digital resources can have on education.

The success of this initiative could inspire the establishment of similar e-libraries in other villages and towns throughout the province.

Overall, the Ben Isikel E-Library is a valuable asset to the Education Department for the New Ireland government, providing students and teachers with access to a wealth of educational resources and serving as a model for future initiatives.

It is sure to have a positive impact on education in New Ireland Province for years to come.