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Female racers turn up the heat in Pom Go Kart

The Round 10 of the Ladies Go Kart Championship witnessed some nail-biting moments and intense competition as the drivers vied for victory.

Here’s a recap of the qualifying results, heat races, and the finals.

Qualifying Results:
– Jess Geoghegan (Kart no. 89) of SBS electrical secured pole position with a blistering lap time of 41.281 seconds.
– Kristi Homann (Kart no. 33) displayed impressive skill to take the second spot.
– Kaye Illing (Kart no. 88) of Ontrack solutions and Lara Sladden (Kart no. 85) claimed the third and fourth positions, respectively.
– Nenita (Kart no. 333) of Boroko Motors rounded up the top five qualifiers.

During Heat 1, drama unfolded on the track. Boroko Motor’s Nenita Nepomuceno, ran her kart into Kristi Homann driving kart 33 for Ontrack solution causing a near collision with the barrier. Despite this, all contenders exhibited consistent driving skills. Kaye Illing briefly lost control of her kart, but she managed to recover.

Heat 1 Results:
1st- Jess Geoghegan
2nd- Kaye Illing
3rd- Nenita
4th- Kristi Homann
5th- Lara Sladden

In Heat 2, the grid positions were shuffled. This time, Lara Sladden took first grid position followed by Kaye Illing, Nenita, Kristi Homann, and Jess Geoghegan.

The competition remained fierce, with drivers showcasing their determination to secure a spot in the finals. However, 3 minutes into the second heat had the crowd in an uproar as SBS driver Lara Sladen oversteers on the finishing straight during the first lap, forcing Kristi Homann to once again take defensive action to avoid collision.

The near miss allowed Kaye Illing the perfect opportunity to swiftly gain the lead advantage, however this was not without strife as Pacific Tactical’s Nenita and SBS electrical seasoned racer Jess Geoghegan were close in hot pursuit.

The final outcome for heat 2 are as follows;
Heat 2 Results
1st- Jess Geoghegan
2nd- Kaye Illing
3rd- Nenita
4th- Kristi Homann
5th- Lara Sladden

The finals grid saw Jess Geoghegan back in first grid position, aiming to defend the title and top podium spot. Kaye Illing, Nenita, Kristi Homann, and Lara Sladden completed the starting lineup. With grid points accumulated from the heats, Jess Geoghegan led with 24 points, followed closely by Kaye Illing with 20 points. Nenita, Kristi Homann, and Lara Sladden occupied the remaining spots with 16, 14, and 12 points, respectively.

As the anticipation built up for the finals, it was clear that the Women’s Go Kart Championship Round 10 had all the ingredients for a thrilling showdown.

The spectators and fans eagerly awaited the conclusion of this intense competition to see who would emerge as the ultimate champion.

With MC for the day, Mr. Gavriel Chalau announcing the commencement of the final round, Jess maneuvers in-front of the pack to take lead as her co-racer Lara Sladen misjudged the turn causing her to spin out to the back of the grid.

Jess retains her lead pushing the distance between her and the rest of the contenders to a comfortable 6 second lead.

As the racers push towards the second last lap, a traction mishap at the final straight saw Kaye Illing take the corner too wide, flinging her towards the banisters, blocking Kristi in the process, with quick reflexes, Boroko Motor’s Nenita Nepomuceno guides her Kart past Kristi into 3rd position.

With the wave of the checkered flag, the finals resulted in Jessica Geoghegan taking the top podium spot, followed by Kaye Illing of Ontrack and finally Nenita Nepomuceno having had a consistent performance throughout round 10’s heat 1 through heat 3, bagged the third place podium position.

Heat 3 results as follows;
1st- Jessica Geoghegan
2nd- Kaye Illing
3rd- Nenita Nepomuceno
4th- Kristi Homann
5th- Lara Sladden.