Papua New Guinea
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Hospital supports cancer symposium

The symposium is scheduled to take place in Port Moresby from September 10th- 15th. The theme of this year's symposium, "Holistic Approach to Cancer," holds significant importance as it aims to address the multifaceted challenges posed by this devastating disease.

Janet Sios, the Finance Director at Paradise Hospital, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Papua New Guinea Medical Society and the Organizing Committee for extending the invitation and providing the hospital with the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious event.

In her speech during the presentation of the dummy cheque on Friday, Sios conveyed the sentiments of Paradise Private Hospital's chief executive officer, Dr. Robin Sios, and the entire management and staff.

She highlighted the commendable work carried out by the PNG Medical Society over the last 56 years, contributing significantly to the improvement of people's lives through such forums.

The issue of cancer is particularly close to Sios's heart. Recognizing the devastating impact of cancer diagnoses on individuals and families, she has been an active advocate in the fight against the disease for over a decade.

In 2015, she embarked on a climb up Papua New Guinea's highest mountain, Mt Wilhelm, with a team of doctors and nurses, raising awareness and funds for early cancer detection equipment.

She emphasized that Paradise Private Hospital continues to invest in cutting-edge equipment, staff, and systems for the early detection of cancer in both men and women. The hospital's proactive approach aims to narrow the gap and save lives, recognizing that each life saved contributes to the nation's prosperity.

With the evolving healthcare landscape and increasing demands for better services in Papua New Guinea, Sios called for a collective effort from all sectors of the community to address the challenging issues in the current healthcare system, particularly the burden of cancer.

She stressed the importance of timely pathology reports, reliable referral pathways between private and public hospitals for radiotherapy, affordable chemotherapy treatment, and improved data sharing among stakeholders.

As a fully nationally owned and managed private hospital, Paradise Private Hospital faces its own challenges similar to those experienced by public hospitals in the country. However, the commitment to fighting cancer remains resolute, and Sios believes that decisive actions can make a substantial difference in the battle against the disease.

Paradise Private Hospital is proud to be among the sponsors supporting the 57th Medical Symposium 2023.

The symposium promises to be a crucial platform for medical professionals, researchers, and stakeholders to collaborate and strategize for a better and healthier future, with a focused approach to combatting cancer comprehensively.