Papua New Guinea
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ICSA set out new initiatives

The Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority (ICSA) have introduced new initiatives on Tuesday 1st of August, 2023 at the first-ever immigration meeting.

Chief Migration Officer for ICSA, Stanis Hulahau, stated that over two years of his role as CMO he realized that the issue within the authority can be fixed. The seminar will allow them to hear clients and have a collaborative approach.

“From this conference we will now look at how we develop our action plans to addressing those specific issues. The immigration conference is an opportunity to provide you with valuable insights into the latest developments in our immigration systems, policy and processes.

“It is anticipated that we will hold this event each year to continue our engagement and collaboration with our important stakeholders,” said Mr Hulahau.

“Today ICSA will introduce some further initiatives to support business, trade and investment in PNG. This includes introducing a business outreach program to further engage with the international business community, provide education and advice to business regarding work permit and visa requirements.

“Another is the introduction of a sponsor portal for large businesses to directly lodge online visa applications to ICSA in a streamline and fast-track process, creation of a new visa class called business investor visa.”

The authority plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the country’s borders while facilitating smooth travel for individuals and businesses alike. Its mandate encompasses several essential functions including visa processing, passport and citizenship services, border control, compliance and enforcement. PNG ICSA focuses on a number of key pillars, including;

  1. Enhance traveler facilitation
  2. Strengthening border security
  3. Supporting the national development
  4. Preserving national identity

“This allows businesses to access skilled labour and invest in our country more efficiently. While ICSA is a Visa Work Permit and passport processing organization, ICSA also has a robust border security and enforcement element which exists to ensure travelers are compliant with PNG Laws.

“Our compliance and enforcement efforts led to a 20 percent reduction in illegal immigration cases demonstrating our border integrity,” said Hulahau.

He shared that they have been continuously reviewing and updating policies to strike the right balance between safety and business needs and have been engaging with stakeholders, to ensure that the policies are aligned with changing business requirements and contribute to our nation’s resilience and recovery.

Some key reforms ICSA implemented includes the reactivation of the multiple entry component of the short term business visa for holders of eligible passports; and further work to review conditions of thus business visa class, with the aim to extend the duration of the visa and offer unlimited entries.