Papua New Guinea
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Jacob Raphael Music Carrier


Jacob Raphael who is well known by his staged name “Jarahn” is one of the young artists and a music producer who has been hitting the air waves with his songs like Dukduk, Uwaho and Meri Matupit.

The 22 year old is from Vunamami in East New Britain and Biala in West New Britain. His passion for music started during his childhood days, however he did not have the right coaching and equipments to unleash his potentials and talents.

It was until 2014, when he was 13 years old that he began his music carrier. He started producing music with a laptop, ear piece, desktop and a headset.

His first hit single that brings him into the spotlight in the music scenes in PNG was “Palm City” which was produced under his music label, Palm City Records.

He released the song together with a music video.

Today he is well known by many all throughout the country because they loved the style and taste of music that he brings into the music industry.

“My music genres are reggae, afro and rock. Basically I listen to a lot of music genres and try to blend the genres to produce my music. The targeted audiences for my music are teenagers and adults.”

He will be launching his new Extended Playlist (EP) which goes by the title “Simple Mangi” on the 12th of August at Club Illusion in Port Moresby.

“The Simple Mangi EP will have songs like Mi Go, Meri Manus, Simple Mangi, Lae City and Vavine. The featured artists on my EP are DJ Dirty Fingerz, Kande Dwayne, Kalani and Monti. I produced all the tracks and DJ Dirty Fingerz helped me out with mixing and mastering the tracks,’’ he added.

Mr Raphael will also be performing at the UPNG ENBSA fundraising at the Cosmopolitan on the 4th of August to raised funds towards their end of year projects in ENB.

“ENB is my home and my pride. I want to give back to the people at home. Also, I want to give back to the people of both provinces.”

He encourages young and upcoming artists to believe in God and themselves, and never give up on what they do.

“Do not let opinions of others define your destination, either in your music carrier or what you are doing in life. Always do you and be proud of what you are doing,’’ Mr Raphael said.

Recently, he was a nominee in the YUMI FM PNG Music awards 2022 and he said it was a milestone achievement in his music carrier.