Papua New Guinea
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Karkar school to host independence mini fundraiser

Adelino Kaboanga, the school’s principal, has taken the opportunity to monetize independence celebrations due to the fact that there are many projects within the school which need upgrading and maintenance.

Since the Education Department has stopped parents from paying fees due to TFF funding, it has been quite difficult to get projects off the ground. Adding that TFF alone is insufficient to use for new projects and maintain infrastructure.

The main projects that Karkar Secondary School would like to see through, are the maintenance of the boys’ ablution blocks, the upgrade of the school’s water system and the construction of teacher’s houses. As such this includes the support of both parents and citizens.

“During these tough times, it is imperative to think smart, be creative and innovative in order to get things done, and that is exactly what we are trying to do in order to maintain our facilities,” said Mr Kaboanga.

In the school’s plight in seeking assistance, they have asked business houses to support them as well, at the moment only one business house (Sunshine Ltdd) based at Kinim station has responded and they are anticipating more from the other business houses they liaise with for school supplies.

Mr Kaboanga acknowledged the support of Sumkar DDA and member, Alex Orme Suguman during their last DDA meeting.

The event is sure to attract a flood of people to the school premises, hence, from past experiences such events do not usually end well. According to Mr Tawa the grounds committee, security is covered as they have ensured to engage police personnel not only those based on the island but a few reinforcements from town as well as volunteer youths from the surrounding area.

With only a week remaining, the school is driving awareness around the island and also selling tickets to interested public members. K20 a day and K30 for both days.

Events range from Canoe and boat racing, fishing, darts and live band competitions, singsing groups and other entertainment.