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Lae City Authority presents new jerseys for City FC


After months of confusion and tumulus of moving from one sponsor to the other, the Lae City football club were now boosted with a New Jersey set from their new sponsor Lae City Authority.

Lae MP and Deputy PM John Rosso made the presentation on Saturday at the Lae Yacht club.

The total cost of affiliation and sponsor including the jersey is K450 000.

“Your city sponsored you so I and the tax payers expect the best performance from you.”

“In terms of behavior and playing. It’s not about winning but being good ambassador of the city, good sportsmanship, No fighting in field,” says Rosso.

He encouraged the players that a lot of the younger generation in Lae city look up to the them (players) as heroes.

“Young children in the street, settlement and villages look upon you young men as their pride and joy. Wherever you go carry yourself with pride and good name.”

“You represent me and the people of Lae. Last couple of month has been little bit tumulus moving from one sponsorship to another,” says Rosso.

He says the sponsorship is from the government and due diligence has to be followed in order to financially support the team.

“I have to follow government financial rules and regulation to offer the sponsorship, it’s not my pocket money,” says Rosso.

He says the money is from the tax payers so he had to ensure all the rules and financial regulation is followed to ensure that there is accountability.

“K450 000, K150 000 affiliation, balance is sitting there. The board has budgeted it all we need it the paper work for accountability.”

“Few more things to sort out like accommodation will be sort out and we will also buying you guys a new bus to travel out of the provinces. Not for you only but other sporting codes as well,” he said.