Papua New Guinea
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Product quality vital to maintain market

A Passion fruit supplier said product quality to keep the available markets and to secure new ones should be a priority.

Based in Goroka, the Foyer Fresh Produce and Logistics ensures that food handling along the supply chain is done meticulously for consumers to enjoy the value of their purchases.

To ensure this, the fruit supplier has stopped buying from villages and discourages packing at home.

Instead, the farmers bring their passion fruits to the Goroka main market where the supplier operates out of.

Under close observation, the farmers repack the fruits into boxes.

In doing so, the farmer learns how to pack the fruits into boxes according to their types and qualities and emphasis on their handling to avoid damages.

The farmers are reminded that FFP is their market and the quality of fruits they sell determines whether they keep this market or lose it to other provinces that also produce and supply the fruit.

“Give us the best so that we can hold this market for you,” a representative of FFP said.

The supplier currently aggregates the fruits from Yauna area in Unggai local level government area of Unggai-Bena district, Watabung and Kofena in Daulo district and package them for distributions to their clients nationwide.

However, they are yet to meet the weekly order of 1000kg and has indicated to look at getting passion fruits from Obura-Wanenara, Kainantu, Okapa and Lufa districts to increase their weekly supplies.

Meanwhile, the FFP acknowledges that farmers walk miles to bring the fruits to the nearest road and many of them get damaged along the way.

As a result, they bring in only one or two bags of passion fruits.