Papua New Guinea
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Reforms to address failed prosecutions

The recent acquittal of two individuals, Lohia Boe Samuel and Fabian Hera, has prompted him to direct a comprehensive review of all cases presented by the police.

Speaking at a press conference, ACP Wagambie expressed his concern over the nonchalant approach towards failed prosecutions in the past.

He emphasized that such dismissals would no longer be taken lightly under his watch. The establishment of the Prosecution Review Committee is a significant step toward rectifying the matter.

"The time has come for genuine accountability," ACP Wagambie stated, "Every dismissed case or one struck out will go through thorough scrutiny by the Prosecution Review Committee. We need to identify where we went wrong."

The committee will delve into the root causes of failed prosecutions, such as flawed investigations, lack of concrete evidence, political interference, or inadequate training of investigators.

ACP Wagambie asserted that both the police and the prosecution should share the responsibility for ensuring justice is served and expressed his determination to address any shortcomings in the system.

"Whether it's an incompetent investigation or errors in the prosecution process, someone has to be held accountable and not escape justice," ACP Wagambie said firmly.

During the press conference, he emphasized that his actions were not driven by personal motives but by a commitment to upholding justice and integrity within the police force.

"I hold no personal interest in this case, nor do I harbour any ill feelings towards any individual involved. My duty is to find out where we went wrong and rectify it," ACP Wagambie asserted.

The Prosecutions Review Committee will undertake an extensive examination of all evidence and court transcripts from cases that have been dismissed by the courts and were previously handled by police investigators and prosecutors.

"I have already briefed the Deputy Commissioner of Operations about this matter," ACP Wagambie disclosed, demonstrating his dedication to ensuring a fair and transparent system.

The nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the review process as Assistant Commissioner Wagambie aims to institute significant reforms to prevent future failed prosecutions. Through these efforts, he hopes to restore public trust in the justice system and guarantee that no one evades accountability for their actions.