Papua New Guinea
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Scams continue across Morobe

He soon increased the pastors’ allocation to K10 million, saying they play an important role in extending God’s hand.

Since his announcement, women in the rural districts of Morobe have been getting scammed by people pretending to be from the Governor’s office.

Mothers and elderly women – most of whom are widows – have been pressured to pay over K30 each – by different groups – to benefit from the K5 million allocation.

This time, a new scam is making its way around the 10 districts, as outlined by Nawaeb woman leader, Joyce Sorenu Hoso, of Samanzing village, during the governor’s forum yesterday.

“Mi raun lo olgeta hap distrik blo Morobe na mi harim olsem, wan wan, tu, tu, manmeri wok lo raun na tok, Gavana blo Morobe maki mol kamap provinsel SME kodineita na ol raun na kisim K200, K300 lo ol mama na papa.

“They claim to be the chairmen of SME in Morobe Province.

“Governor, I want to ask you now because the people of Morobe are excited by this so-called SME program that is going around.

“You need to announce it here so we will know who exactly is in charge of SME in the province.”

In response, Governor Wenge said while he has announced a lot of funding allocations, SME was not one of them.

“I never appointed anyone and told him, you will be the SME coordinator,” said Wenge.

“They are doing this themselves.  

“If they have taken K200 from you, make sure they issue a receipt. And find out what benefits you will be getting from that.

“If they got your K200 for nothing, report them to police and get them arrested.”

On the other hand, concerned residents – mostly the working class – have labelled the Governor’s funding allocations as “free handouts” that are adding fuel to the “cargo cult” mentality.

On top of that, the structure of the offices in charge of disbursing the funds, especially for the women’s representative, is yet to be put in order.