Papua New Guinea
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SME joins project to help farmers

Food is fuel to keep one going. It is plentiful in the gardens. But it is not so in towns and cities.

Yet, they must still be there, in whatever quantity one can afford, whether fresh or processed.

Fresh food from the gardens will not be at the place of consumption with suppliers.

Farmers supply their fresh produces, but this is at the cost of production time.

This endangers the consistency of supply as well as a risk to businesses. Suppliers, apart from producing their own, step in to bring market to the farmers while keeping their supply consistently to the consumers, whether directly or indirectly.

Green Label Trading, based in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province, is one of such suppliers.

Owner Chriscilla Abiko collects fresh vegetables from Kainantu and Obura-Wanenara districts and as far as Western Highlands, packages and supplies them to supermarkets and mine sites nationwide.

Recently, the Fresh Produce Development Agency recognised her commitment in the vegetables value supply chain despite freights, remoteness, accessibility perishability and other problems.

Ms Abiko and seven others are lead partners in the implementation of Market for Village Farmers Project with a partnership agreement signed early this year.

The FPDA has initiated this project to specifically help in finding markets for farmers in rural areas.

Under this agreement, the lead partners continue to collect vegetables from farmers within their localities and supply them to their clients while the MVFP team continues to secure more markets.

This arrangement spurs the farmers to keep producing in order to sustain consistent supply.

FPDA chief executive officer Mark Worinu said consistent supply is the key to secured markets, and added that MVFP is aimed at achieving supply consistency of fresh vegetables.