Papua New Guinea
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Students speak on Cyber-Safety

NCD school students that took part in the Cyber-Safety video competition few months ago had their winning videos launched by NGO Equal Playing Field. They voiced their views on what inspired their videos and their advice to fellow adolescents and families

Equal Playing Field CEO Jacquelyn Joseph said it was amazing the feedback students gave during the competition, and with their insights on cyber-safety and bullying, it was found to be very wise and informative in their young age

Young Pauline Tamasale a student from Ward Strip said she was inspired by her teacher Mr Obe Mandi who taught her and her fellow school mates on how cyber bullying affects the young generation that are either online with or without parents consent or knowledge.

“As a young teenager I saw that me and my friends, there are a lot of discrimination coming out from social media, and that also inspired us to create a video to help others to know that you are not alone in your issues and what you are going through. This generation, we are into social media and as young people we are still immature, we’re very emotional and we have yet to learn the aspects of life and how to be careful in the actions we take.”

Student Glenda Lapu gave this advice to young adolescents of the nation saying, “If your being cyber bullied you can report and block them or just talk to someone, open up to a close friend or a teacher, talk to someone your comfortable talking to. We should really talk about this and go to the right people.”

These young people spoke in high regard of making cyber-safety everyone’s responsibility while also urging parents and families to keep close watch of how their children are utilizing their online usage.