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Superfund run member detail update campaign

Addressing the crucial need for accurate and up-to-date Member details, Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) initiated a member detail update campaign throughout August.

This campaign aligns with NSL’s commitment to improving Member services and engagement, with an emphasis on improving Member data.

NSL Chief Executive Officer Paul Sayer said: “One of the major challenges NSL faces is that many of our Members do not have updated or complete details like their contact information, date of birth, and their list of nominated beneficiaries.

“Through this campaign, NSL aims to strongly encourage our Members to update their details regularly, especially when their circumstances have changed.”

“The Member Detail Update campaign aims to also improve the Fund’s level of accurate Member data where currently nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of deceased Members between 2021 and 2022 had not designated beneficiaries, and almost half (45 per cent) of active Members have not listed beneficiaries.

Moreover, a large percentage of active Members possess invalid contact details, including mobile numbers (46 per cent) and email addresses (80 per cent), alongside inaccurate birthdates (43 per cent).”

“A key focus of the campaign is the importance of maintaining current beneficiary information, particularly in unfortunate cases of a member’s passing.

“Nil, outdated or conflicting beneficiary listings can lead to an extended withdrawal process for the loved ones of a deceased member.

“In these cases, NSL conducts an investigation to determine a fair and appropriate solution that ensures the correct beneficiaries receive the late member’s entitlements,” he added.

It is important for members to update their membership information for the following reasons:

– To protect their retirement savings from fraud by ensuring that their member details are always up to date;
– To prevent impersonators from accessing their member accounts by using an active member’s outdated information and photograph;
– To avoid unnecessary conflicts among family members in the case of death claims, ensuring the member’s wishes are respected;
– For faster exit or retirement withdrawal or member’s Super benefits; and
– It is also easier for NSL to offer new services, and provide updates or information to members who register their contact details, through reliable email addresses and phone numbers.

To ensure they can avoid any future inconveniences, Nambawan Super Members are encouraged to complete the Member Detail Update Form (MDUF) and submit it to their nearest Branch or via email to the Call Centre team at

The MDUF form captures the following details:
– Full (Given) Name(s);
– Gender;
– Marital status;
– Beneficiaries;
– Date of birth;
– Employer details;
– Contact details; and
– Residential location.

The MDUF form can be conveniently downloaded from the NSL website, requested through email, or acquired from any of the 23 NSL Branches nationwide.

After filling out the form, they are required to provide this form to their human resources department’s authorised signatory to endorse.

The nationwide campaign concluded at the end of August, however, these services are offered and accepted all year round.

NSL does not impose a penalty or fee on any of its services.

For additional information or support, members can read through the ‘Update your Member Details’ page on the NSL website or reach out to the NSL Call Centre team on toll-free number 180 1599.