Papua New Guinea
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Taking on challenges in a male dominated role

“Success for me means being open to ideas and embracing change.

As a Geologist, I am willing to take on any challenge in this male-dominated profession,” says Florence Apisai (pictured), K92’s first female PNG national in a superintendent.

In 2022, Florence became an Exploration Geology Superintendent, K92’s first female PNG National in a Superintendent role.

This senior position heads up a unit with regular activities such as planning, executing, and evaluating exploration-related projects.

“I am willing to shift the mindset and prove that women are suitable for leadership roles and in roles that will lead to change.”

Florence was among the first employees in 2016 when K92 Mining started operating in PNG and has an exemplary career trajectory on numerous levels.

Her involvement in developing a fieldwork program includes capturing, validating, and organising field data and ensuring programs run efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition to her promotion, in 2022, Florence was the first female PNG National to deliver a technical presentation at the PNG Mining Petroleum Investment Conference.

“I had mixed feelings when our GM told me about the presentation; at first, I felt intimidated thinking about the large crowd of intellectuals, the variety of professions, and the fact that this would be my first presentation overseas,” she said.

“Despite this fear, a feeling of calm prevailed because I quickly realised that the CEO and others trusted me, which boosted my confidence and gave me the courage to get the job done.”

Working in a male-dominated field, especially at this senior level, had challenges, but Florence knows her perseverance sets the tone for other women.

“My aim as one of the senior female employees at K92 Mining is to serve as a role model for other women within the company, in the mining industry, in PNG, and abroad,” she explained.

Florence recognises K92’s commitment to empowering women.

“As a woman in a male-dominated profession, both equality and equity exist in all aspects of our jobs,” she said.

“Trust is given to employees of all genders, and so women have all the confidence to perform and deliver as well as our male counterparts, or even better than them.”