Papua New Guinea
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TUC garners support for NSL

The PNG Trade Union Congress (PNGTUC) has garnered support behind Nambawan Super Limited.

At a joint statement, PNGTUC stated that it is in full support of Nambawan Super Ltd’s proposal to lockout the state tenants occupying its buildings if the payment of K60 million worth of 2023 rental arrears is not paid back before the close of business today.

PNGTUC Acting General Secretary, Antom Sekum and fellow congress members understand NSL’s ultimatum, which is being given in order to protect the retirement savings of members of member associations.

“PNGTUC urges the state to understand that the total K133 million in rental arrears are not owed to NSL, they are owed to us, the 220,000 members of Nambawan Super,” Sekum said.

“NSL is simply the custodian of these investments. We the members are the ones that have invested in these buildings through our savings, and we are the ones that will have our returns at the end of the year reduced if the state fails to make its payments.

Representatives from unions like Correction Service Employees Association (CSEA), PNG Energy Workers Union, PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA), PNG Nurses Association and other congress members, in a joint meeting today, voiced support for Nambawan Super.

“I think teachers feel like it’s time to take action. We pay taxes, we serve the government each day, and this is a very small savings for the members in the country and no government should interfere with this. Enough is enough,” stated PNGTA President, Aita Sanangkepe.

“Some of my officers have died whilst waiting for the payment,” said CSEA President, Daniel Mollen.

“The government, on Wednesday, paid K80million to Nambawan Super which we want to acknowledge, that is to offset the outstanding payment from last year’s retirees but if they can pay that they can also pay the other liabilities. We call on the state to pay for the rest of the liabilities,” said President for Public Employees Association, Isowa More.

Sekum concluded that over the next two weeks, they will wait for the government to respond to Nambawan Super. That will be the buildup period for joint action