Papua New Guinea
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Unique always sells, says vendor

PRODUCTS that are unique and hand made will always sell regardless of a small customer base, says 24-year-old street vendor Dama Dickson.

She knits unique handmade dash board covers, and sells them in front of the Boroko Food world shopping centre in Port Moresby.

Ms Dickson highlights that her SME although small, brings in revenue which helps take care of her children and family.

“I think the problem with many other vendors is that they are all rushing to sell the very same things.

Yes, there is high demand, but because of competition it really limits the profit margin that you make.

“Selling unique and handmade items can be slow, but with patience, they eventually sell and bring you a considerable profit margin,” she said.

“I have been selling these handmade items for a couple of years now, and although I do not make that much, I make enough to keep my family going.

I can knit two within a day but it usually takes some time to fully sell them all.”

She however expressed her concerns that she needs a proper space to market her products as selling along the roadside is not healthy for her SME.

“When I am selling near the roadside, I am treated as merely a street vendor.

It would be more appropriate if I had a proper marketing place for my knitted items.

All these popular SME centres are very expensive, and simple mothers like me find it difficult to afford extra accommodation expenses,” she said.

“Sitting under the hot scorching sun, standing all day, walking back and forth has made me almost give up my SME, but I still persevere despite these challenges.”

Her plain dash board covers sell for K50, and the custom-made designs sell for k100, however the prices do not compensate her struggles of running her SME whilst taking care of her two children.