Papua New Guinea
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Yuda Pictures winner of Farmset photo competition

Farmset Limited has announced the winner of its photo competition ran for the month of June to July.

Andy Hau of Yuda Pictures was the selected winner of the competition having met all the criteria set by the competition organiser, Farmset Limited.

The chosen image excellently met the submission criteria, encapsulating the culture and traditions of PNG vividly through depictions such as betelnut chewing, face painting and traditional headdresses.

This win marks the first for Mr Hau since entering the photography business four years ago.
He has been competing in similar competition both in country and overseas for a number of occasions.

Mr Hau thanked Farmset for coming up with a promotion giving local photographers an opportunity to showcase their talent, market their work to potential opportunities and to earn something in return.

Mr Hau as part of the winning prize was awarded K1000 cash with the winning photo slated to feature in the 2024 Farmset calendar complete with a watermark of the artist logo thus ensuring recognition and exposure for the talent.

Also, to pre-empt any future inconveniences, the company took measures to safeguard copyright. Before the winning image was handed over, the winner was required to sign legal documents, underscoring the company’s commitment to upholding copyright standards.

Farmset Limited launched the 2023 Calendar Photo Comp with the aim of providing a platform for PNG citizens involved in photography to display their skills internationally.

The competition ran from June 19 to July 12 with the announcement of the winner made on July 22.

The comp received over 112 entries from all over PNG.