HK Police Arrest Elderly Man After Escaping From Compulsory Quarantine

Elderly Man Arrested by Hong Kong Police After Escaping From Compulsory Quarantine

HONG KONG – The Hong Kong police arrested an elderly man for escaping from compulsory quarantine in a hotel.

Last Monday evening (September 27, 2021), a 75-year-old man has been detained in Central after escaping from compulsory quarantine in a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel and spending a day running from the authorities.

The grandpa arrived in Hong Kong and checked into the Ramada Hong Kong Grand, designated quarantine hotel on Austin Avenue after he went from Italy. He was required to undergo a compulsory quarantine after domestic flight.

Elderly Man

Last Saturday, the hotel contacted the Department of Health and reported that the old man escaped from his room and lingered in the corridor without permission, which is considered as a health protocol violation.

The hotel staff even asked him to return to his room but the latter refused to do so. The Centre for Health Protection reported the case to the compliance team. The surveillance footage shows the man leaving the hotel about 11 am and walked to Nathan Road along Hillwood Road.

The department notified the police authorities and immediately launched a search operation to find the patient.

Elderly Man

“The authorities expressed deep concern and attached great importance to the incident. The government strongly appeals to the people under quarantine to follow the quarantine requirement strictly to protect the health of themselves and others,” the department spokesman said.

Anyone who will escape from a quarantine facility without permission would face corresponding sanctions and penalties. Violators would be charged a maximum fine of HK$25,000 and six-month imprisonment.

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