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WATCH: Super Typhoon MANGKHUT In Hong Kong, China

Super typhoon Mangkhut left a disastrous trace in Hong Kong, China.

This natural phenomenon has affected so many lives in the said country and the neighboring nations such Philippines.

Here is a video compilation showing the damage that Mangkhut did in Hong Kong.

Mangkhut super typhoon

(screen shot from Fobos Planet YouTube channel)

In the video posted on the YouTube channel of Fobos Planet, netizens shared video footage showing the strength of the super typhoon.

Several buildings in the business district of Hong Kong were destroyed. Some houses’ roof were also flown by the strong wind.

(screen shot from Fobos Planet YouTube channel)

Different establishments were flooded. One part of the video even showed that some people on the second floor of a restaurant witnessed the flood water rushing into the building.

Another video showed a lot of debris from destroyed houses and pieces of furniture.

(screen shot from Fobos Planet YouTube channel)

In residential areas, houses were also devoured by flood water. Cars were already floating on the streets.

One video even showed a huge tornado. People behind the camera were obviously shocked upon seeing it.

(screen shot from Fobos Planet YouTube channel)

Hearing the natural sound on the video, it can be said that the wind was really strong. The heavy rain that comes with super typhoon Mangkhut also created a loud sound.

Strong tress bowed down because of the wind’s strength while some were even carried out by flood.

Watch the video showing the damage of super typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong, China.

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