Controversy over BRT project: PDA to pay Rs 279m to Peshawar Cantt Board in one week

PESHAWAR: Controversy over the BRT project between the Cantonment Board Peshawar and the PDA has not yet resolved. However, the Cantonment Board has conditionally allowed the Peshawar Development Authority to continue construction work in Cantt area.

The PDA has agreed to pay Rs 279 million as distress and commercialization charges for the construction of a parking plaza at Dabgari Garden within one week. DG PDA Zafar Ali Shah told this scribe that it will be decided by the government, not the PDA, because the PDA is an executing body.

“The KP government has been approached to settle the issue and pay the outstanding amount of the Cantonment Board accordingly. The BRT is a KP government project and will be handed over to the department concerned after completion. We are just executing and monitoring the civil work,” he added.

A Cantonment Board officer said the PDA will take up the issue of land acquired for the BRT with the provincial government and soon funds will be released to the Cantonment Board.

The PDA has acquired two properties of the Cantonment Board including 311 marlas of Aman Chowk and 497 marlas of Jinnah Park. It was mutually decided that the PDA will pay 1.4 billion rupees for Aman Chowk and 2.23 billion rupees for Jinnah Park. It was also agreed by both parties that Rs 270.196 million will be paid as commercialization charges for the parking plaza at Dabgari Garden. An agreement stated “since execution of the project shall disturb the routine affairs of the CBP including municipal functions/duties, therefore, the PDA shall pay Rs 100,000 per day as distress charges with effect from the date of the signing of this agreement till completion of the project”.

The PDA has paid distress charges for the period of January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019 @ 50% of the agreed amount i.e. Rs 9,050 million against the actual amount of Rs 18.100 million. Hence, Rs 9.050 million are still outstanding.