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Zdjęcie ilustracyjne / autor: screenshot TVP Info

Zdjęcie ilustracyjne / autor: screenshot TVP Info

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Henri doesn't think Salah is the best in the world: How can we forget about Lewandowski and Benzema? But in the Premier League, he is the best by a margin
Dani Alves: Barcelona is Barcelona. We hope to win against Real Madrid
Mourinho pro 1:6: My fault. In Roma, there is a serious difference in class between the players. Today, Bude-Glimt was better than us
The Roma players apologized to the fans after 1-6 with the match in Norway
Saudi Finance Minister on the purchase of Newcastle: After our investments, another strong club will appear
🠙 €ÂРома Моуринью разгромно проиграĞĞ° ÂБуде-ĞĞимт Хайкина †1:6
Mbappe is PSG's best player. Messi is Messi, but he can disappear for 20-30 minutes. Former PSG player Jerome Roten spoke about the situation surrounding Parisian striker Kylian Mbappe, who may leave the club as a free agent in the summer of 2022