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MEHRD and School Principals get update on 2023 Pacific Games

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) and School Principals have been updated on the Pacific Games 2023 preparations by the National Hosting Authority, NHA, in a meeting organized by the Government Services Integration Committee, GSIC, at St John’s School in Honiara, Thursday 3rd November 2023.

In his welcome remarks, Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister Corporate Services, OPMCS DSPM CS Leonard Ofainu’u said School Principals and students are important stakeholders to the Safe and Green Games.

MEHRD PS with School Principals during the meeting

“You are part of this important platform to beautify our schools in Honiara City and in the Provinces.

“Importance of the games is the legacy of cleanliness and beauty of our city and schools that the games will leave behind.

“This is the Government approach so we need to put our hands together to ensure that our schools and city are clean to host the Games. Looking forward to working together with you all,” Ofainu’u said.

NHA Executive Director Christian Nieng said generally facilities preparations are on track to be delivered on time.

Nieng said it is pleasing to see schools respond to the Government initiative to beautify the schools and Honiara City.

NHA Executive Director MR Nieng and MEHRD PS Dr Rhodi answering questions during the meeting

In his opening remarks during the meeting, MEHRD Permanent Secretary Dr. Franco Rodie, said it is a pride for the Ministry and schools to join hands with other organizers to participate as a stakeholder in preparations and hosting the Pacific Games 2023.

Dr Rodie said the involvement of school principals, students, and education authorities in the Games is very important. It will set the right direction which will influence students and young people so that they can look after the environment.

He added that the call by the Government through NHA to participate is going to be challenging and critical in terms of the leadership, cooperation, and the resources to be used, however, it is all to prepare better for the Games.

Dr Rodie said the Ministry is looking at setting up a Sub Committee to coordinate the communication between Principals, schools, and the Ministry with NHA so that information can flow to meet the target.

MEHRD PS Dr Rhodi speaking during the meeting

MEHRD Deputy Secretary Corporate Services Coldrine Kolae said key activities of the Ministry are aimed to promote sports programs towards achieving the key priorities for next year in preparations for the Pacific Games 2023.

Kolae said the Ministry will be focusing on the School Calendar 2023 as one of its priorities.

He said other activities of the Ministry included providing logistics and support for schools identified as host schools for other participating athletes/countries, renovations for identified schools for accommodation, participation of selected teachers and students to participate during the games, and cleaning and beautifying of schools.

MEHRD Deputy Secretary Corporate Services Coldrine Kolae presenting the Ministry’s key activities

Chair and Coordinator of the Government Services Integration Committee, GSIC, Bernard Bataanisia said the Safe and Green Games Strategic Action Plan is the whole of Government Approach in supporting NHA/GOC in hosting the Games.


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